NASCO Development Services Board of Directors

holly jo Sparks, president
holly jo Sparks is Executive Director for MSU Student Housing Cooperative, as well as a principal with Collective Seeds Consulting Cooperative, which advises independent groups nationally on new cooperative development, strategic research, management, and planning. Previously, she was the Executive Director for NASCO, where she liaised with housing cooperatives nationally for ten years. She studied city and regional planning at UNC Chapel Hill, and graduated with a Master in City Planning degree from MIT; and a BA in History of Art from University of Michigan. 
Nick Coquillard, vice president
Nick became General Manager at Inter Cooperative Council (Ann Arbor, MI) in September of 2014 and brings almost 20 years of student housing and nonprofit management experience to the cooperative movement. Nick's philosophy is to work together with staff to constantly grow as leaders and work as a cooperative team in support of the ICC's mission, vision and principles. He has served on NDS for more than two and a half years and is its representative to the NASCO Inclusion and Personnel Committees. It is his goal to work in full partnership with the members, alumni and the greater community to help the ICC be the beacon for student housing cooperatives.
Angela Atwoord, secretary
Executive Director, College Houses
Austin, TX
Nick Hill, treasurer
Nick joined NDS as Treasurer in March 2015. He also currently works for ICC-Austin as the Finance Director and brings 12+ years of industry experience in accounting / finance. He’s played a significant role in cooperative systems for a number of years, including serving in various house officer roles as a member of ICC-Austin for 4 years and participating in the NASCO internship program as an accounting intern at ICC-Ann Arbor. After college, Nick gained several years experience with a top multi-national accounting firm, doing entrepreneurial work and doing work as an independent financial consultant. Nick is passionate about co-oops; he’s currently involved with several local cooperative-minded organizations, collectives and worker co-op initiatives around Austin.
Chiji Ochiagha
Chiji works as the executive director of the Santa Barbara Student Housing Cooperative. He first lived and worked in a cooperative during graduate school. An ecologist, Chiji appreciates that cooperatives are much better for the environment than more conventional means of living. Chiji enjoys being in nature and plays harp.
Jason Hering
Jason Hering is a board member of University Kansas Student Housing Association (Lawrence, KA) where he has also been a member for 7 years. He has served on the board of NASCO Properties for 5 years and is the representative from NASCO Properties to Development Services. Jason believes co-ops of all kinds represent a beacon of hope for the future wherein more of the systems around us are owned and controlled democratically by members with the goal of making them more equitable, adaptive, and responsive to the needs of all. He is also a co-worker/owner of The Purple Carrot Co-op Food Truck.
Emily Ng
Emily Ng is Member Services Project Director with the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board (UHAB) which organizes, develops, preserves, and supports low-income, resident-controlled housing cooperatives throughout New York City. UHAB Member Services uses the economy of scale of the cooperative community to offer cost-saving programs and resources to sustain limited-equity cooperatives. Prior to joining UHAB, Emily was one of twelve founders of the Nickel City Housing Co-op in Buffalo, NY and among the first group to inhabit 208 North Street. She had attended her first NASCO Institute in 2001 and has previously served on the NASCO Educational board.  She currently lives in Brooklyn.
Tony Sanny
Attorney, Swanson & Bratschun, L.L.C.
Littleton, CO
Alex Green
Alex has worked as the Finance Director at ICC Ann Arbor and is a four-year alumnus of the cooperative, having served as President and VP of Finance/Treasurer while there. Alex currently sits on the NASCO Education and NASCO Development Services boards, is a former member of the NASCO Properties board, and has visited many student housing coops. He also played a key role in the creation of Ann Arbor’s student food stand. He currently works for Human Rights Watch in New York City.