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Planet Community - Student Housing Co-ops and the Inter-Cooperative Council
Inter-Cooperative Council at Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI
Planet Community is a series created by the Fellowship for Intentional Community highlighting examples of intentional communities that are living better by living together. Our members at the Inter-Cooperative Council at Ann Arbor were featured in Episode 2!
People's Owned and Operated Collective Housing
Lawrence, KS
“The culture of the house shifts to reflect the people who live there and I think that’s a really cool, dynamic way to live that’s reflected in almost everything that we do.”

Cooperative living spaces provide affordable, inclusive housing
College Houses
Austin, TX
“Right now, we reserve 50 spaces at the Super Co-op for income verified students or students that can provide documentation that they receive need-based financial aid.”

Inter-Cooperative Council at Austin
Austin, TX
“Socioeconomic diversity is an important topic to address — especially with ICC having a lot of internal dialogue regarding what to do about its image and working to create change.”

Co-ops strive to prioritize housing for students with financial need
Solar Community Housing Association
Davis, CA
“Living cooperatively made me work with people who did not necessarily come from the same places or have the same perspectives as me, and I think that taught me the valuable skill of cooperating with people different than myself.”

Co-ops: The communities within our community
Oberlin Student Cooperative Association
Oberlin, OH
“It gave me a community to come to every day, a comfortable, happy place… It took away the stress of navigating classes and then finding people to eat a meal with… I knew exactly when my meals were and who I’d be eating with. It removed drama I didn’t need.”

Unhappy with your college dining hall? Start a co-op.

Welcoming New NASCO Board Members

In our last email, we welcomed six incoming NASCO Board Members. We are excited to introduce you to two more stellar individuals joining our Board of Directors this spring!
Taylor Kinniburgh is currently the treasurer of Horizontal Housing, an egalitarian housing project in Baltimore, MD. With the support of NASCO Development Services, Horizontal Housing grew from a single house squat to a multi-property owning corporation. Taylor's experience includes stewarding land with the Baltimore Free Farm Collective and providing support to the city’s chapter of the non-business union, The Industrial Workers of The World. Currently, they are farming with AmeriCorps. Having been elected through the Working Class Caucus, Taylor maintains a keen interest in extending outlets of cooperation to folks to which higher education is inaccessible.
Leonie Cesvette has served on the NASCO Board of Directors since 2017 and looks forward to continuing her service to the board after being elected at the 2018 Diversity Congress. She calls Lucy Stone Cooperative in Roxbury Massachusetts home. A graduate of Suffolk University, her interests and passions are primarily in anti-gentrification, affordable housing, anti-oppression and pay equity. An accomplished cook, her spare time is spent cooking and creating new recipes for family, friends, and housemates.

Mapping Youth Co-ops of the World

The Youth Network of the International Cooperative Alliance is conducting a data collection process in order to map all the youth cooperatives known throughout the world. Please share this survey among your peers!


Memories from NASCO Institute


“I had a wonderful time exploring a new city with other brilliant, curious and passionate co-opers! I loved hearing from other parts of the country and experiences in their homes. So excited to go again!”

Jiro Ito accepts honorary membership of NASCO on behalf of the Japanese Consumer's Co-operative Union (JCCU)
Radio Recap of NASCO Insitute 2018 
This is the work of Julia Selig, reporting for 89.1 WEMU.
We’re making moves in 2019! This year, NASCO Insitute will take place in Austin, Texas. Dates TBA. Stay tuned!

Job Board

Have you checked out the NASCO Job Board yet? It is a resource for your co-op to share and learn about available positions in the co-op sector! For example, this awesome opportunity to apply for the Member Services Manager position at one of our member co-ops, Riverton Community Housing!
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