Co-op Snapshots

The Spring Equinox last Saturday marked the end of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. To welcome spring, we collected photos of co-ops and co-opers in the snow. Plus, a moment of gratitude for the mutual aid and community support efforts of co-opers in Austin through power outages and property damage caused by the storm last month. Follow NASCO on Instagram for more co-op snapshots. 
Helios Co-op in Austin, TX
Robert Owen Co-op in Ann Arbor, MI
House of Commons Co-op in Austin, TX
Harvest House in Urbana, IL

Movement News

The City of Austin Announces Co-op Coaching and Training Project

Last Thursday, the city of Austin announced it will provide training, coaching, and classes on how to start both business and residential co-ops through UT Rio Grande Valley. It’s an effort to address racial and economic inequality and housing affordability. Congratulations, Austin! 

Learn more about the initiative here. 
What Happens When 10 Million Tenants Can't Make Rent?

A New York Times Opinion piece proposes the creation of a Social Housing Development Authority, a federal agency that would purchase distressed real estate, ensure it is livable and environmentally sound, and finance its transfer to the so-called social housing sector, including tenant cooperatives, community land trusts, nonprofits or public housing.

Read more.
Young People and Cooperatives: A Perfect Match?

The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) recently published a report assessing how the cooperative movement, often in collaborative partnerships with other organizations, can do more to help young people address the challenges affecting them.

Read the full report.

Build Your Co-op Library

Build Your Co-op or Collective Library with Friends of PM Press

Radical book publisher and longtime NASCO partner PM Press is offering a monthly membership package that would allow you to build your co-op library and directly impact, amplify, and revitalize the discourse and actions of radical writers, filmmakers, and artists. They'll send your house a package with all their new releases every month plus you can get any past book they've published for 50% off.

Yes, we want rad books. 

Upcoming Events

Hollaback! and Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC) are offering workshops on Bystander Intervention, Conflict De-escalation, and a Workshop for People Experiencing Anti-Asian Harassment. 

There are several upcoming workshops scheduled over thee next month. Learn more and register here. 
Global Youth Forum - Cooperative Entrepreneurship 2021
Thurs, March 25 - Sat, March 27

This event aims at bringing together young entrepreneurs and professionals from all around the world. The peer-to-peer training approach is expected to lead to new solutions and recommendations, to help the attendees learn from the best practices, and to foster new ideas and innovation in the field of youth and cooperative entrepreneurship.

This event is free to attend!
Workshop - Nonviolent Communication Training 
Wed, March 24, 4-6pm EST

Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC) is hosting a Nonviolent Communication (NVC) workshop to explain the framework of NVC, discuss what the “violence” is that NVC works to avoid and undo, and unpack how it can be misused and unintentionally, or intentionally, cause harm.

Job Board

Financial Craftsperson & Bookkeeper Sustainable Economies Law Center Bay Area (Deadline to apply is today!)
IT Director Foundation of Intentional Community Remote
Director of Financial Services Inter-Cooperative Council Ann Arbor, MI
Director of Finance and Operations Shared Capital Cooperative Minneapolis, MN
Director of Lending Shared Capital Cooperative Minneapolis, MN
Co-op Developer Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance Remote/Philadelphia
Executive Director Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) Washington, DC
Cooperative Development Specialist Thistle, ROC USA Boulder, CO
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