Cooperative Development Program Manager

Lake County Community Development Corporation
Ronan, MT

The Cooperative Development Program brings resources, education and technical assistance to
existing and developing cooperatives and mutually-owned businesses. The Cooperative Development Program
has, to date, primarily worked with agricultural cooperatives to develop the regional food economy but is
expanding to work with other models, such as those related to housing, childcare, investment, and worker-
owned. Cooperative Development has been a program of LCCDC under the USDA-Rural Development’s (Rural
Cooperative Development Grant Program) since 1999. This position is currently vacant due to a resignation.

LCCDC is a Non-Profit (501c3) Organization located in rural northwest Montana. It is the lead organization in a
regional collaboration including Lake, Mineral and Sanders Counties and the Flathead Indian Reservation. The
Program Manager is primarily responsible for helping build the economy in our region by creating and managing
programs related to the development of cooperatives and other mutually-owned types of small businesses
including: developing practices that return a higher value/income back to the individual producer and/or business;
and overseeing the implementation of the organization’s responsibilities under the Rural Cooperative
Development Grant Program. The Program Manager will actively seek to grow the impacts of cooperative
development to include establishing additional funding sources outside the federal grant Program and leading
efforts to diversify the types of cooperatives that are established and supported. He/She represents the
Cooperative Development Program to the Board of Directors; works closely with Business Development Center
and the Food & Ag Center programs to develop and support business growth; represents the Program and
Organization at other meetings or events and works with the Organization’s many partners to develop, implement
and support related economic development strategies as identified within the Regional Strategic plan

As a primarily grant or contract-funded positions, all management personnel are expected to assist in developing
and securing new projects and programs which will contribute to the financial stability of the organization.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Essential duties and responsibilities include the following to implement Goals and
Objectives of the Lake County Community Development Corporation and Business/ Cooperative Development
Center -9 FTE

  1. Actively promote and develop the cooperative form of business in western Montana by developing cooperative programs and program materials and working with local and regional producers and small businesses interested in coming together in some type of cooperative business relationship;
  2. Work with groups seeking to establish cooperatively formed businesses in business structuring; assessing business strategies and capital formation;
  3. Manages the Rural Cooperative Development Program Grant and related budgets as assigned by Center Director, including establishing work schedules, determining and meeting reporting requirements, preparing draws, monitoring budgets and working with Center Director to track outcomes as may be required.
  4. Manage program activities related cooperative development and related grants, to assure timely completion of reporting requirements; oversee activity-related budgetary items and otherwise assure criteria as set by the funding agencies are met through the accomplishment of related goals and objectives;
  5. As cooperative client-advocate, follows-up with cooperatives to evaluate progress, financial needs, jobs created, management issues and identify other indicators of success or trouble. Assures data is made available for input into client data base;
  6. Assures goals, objectives, client activity, outreach and outcomes are tracked and reported quarterly to theExecutive Director and Board of Directors;
  7. Develops and Implements program evaluation tools as required by federal grant programs;
  8. Develops sources of funds, and writes grant proposals that further the goals of the organization;
  9. Develops workshops and/or seminars for, related parties of interest, including, but not limited to, other economic development agencies; groups representing sustainable communities, agriculture and/or cooperative development and others as may be determined to be beneficial to the organization and its programs;
  10. Keep accurate and up-to-date records and files; assure activities related to clients are recorded and updated; and programs and projects are completed according to an established timeline or adjustments to such schedules are justified and approved in advance;

Secondary Responsibilities (.1 FTE)

  1. Represent LCCDC at state levels and/or national levels through as appropriate and assigned;
  2. Continue to develop professionally in the areas of technical business and cooperative assistance, business financing and program evaluation.

Qualifications: College graduate with five years’ experience in a -business or related non-profit environment or
equivalent experience, and the development of cooperatives. Requires an understanding of entrepreneurialism
and the basic elements of community development. Good verbal and written communication skills a must as job
requires interaction with producers, boards of directors, public officials, community and business leaders as well
as the ability to structure projects and write and/or help assemble business plans and grant applications.

Effective Date: August 1, 2019
Program Managers Salary Range: $38,000 - $48,000 DOE

Benefits after 6 month Probation include: Paid Medical for Employee; Paid 1 week of Sick Leave; Personal Time
Off based on length of employment; Contribution to IRA @3%; Up to 10 Paid Holiday

To Apply:
Send Cover Letter, Resume and (3) Professional references via Email to:
Kimberly Sassaman, Operations Center Director/HR

Company Website: