Cooperative Development Specialist

Thistle, ROC USA
Boulder, CO

Thistle Communities is a mission-based affordable housing Real Estate company in Boulder, CO. Thistle is in a unique position to improve and increase the quality and quantity of housing for working families and economically disadvantaged people through our housing programs and Real Estate portfolio. Our ROC Cooperative Development Specialist (CDS) job is an opportunity to make a concrete difference in people’s lives by implementing the ROC USA model in Colorado, managing a program that combines Community and Real Estate development.

And you can experience first-hand all of the wonderful things Colorado has to offer (including a lifestyle that includes access to the greatest mountains, hiking, skiing, biking, communities, breweries, and food scenes that you will enjoy exploring.

The Company:

We’re a business-oriented, private non-profit and earn the majority of our operating income from the ownership and management of apartments and for-sale homes throughout Boulder County and in different types of real estate programs. We’ve been in business for over 35 years and enjoy strong community support. Current revenues are in excess of $9M; our total assets are $69M. Thistle is oriented toward creating mission-compatible programs and Real Estate that support the company and which do not rely on grant funds.

How You’d Spend Your Time:

This position will assist in developing and implementing the ROC USA program for Thistle by providing training and organization to emerging and established resident cooperatives who own and manage their mobile home communities. It is an hourly, non-exempt position and reports to the Field Operations Coordinator of Thistle ROC. This job involves some Colorado travel and night and weekend work.

You’ll experience first-hand the challenges and successes of working with diverse populations to achieve a life-changing goal of giving residents agency over their housing.

How Thistle Operates:

We work in a well-established collaborative environment of about 40 people where you’ll have significant responsibility and independence within the program boundaries. Thistle and ROC USA provide opportunities to engage with professional resources to amplify your experience. Although we are a small company, Thistle has achieved significant results and is established and poised for growth.  We are dedicated to making the work experience meaningful and productive. We are proud to be able to offer a 36-hour work week for all staff, structured as four nine-hour days.

The Work:

The job is to understand and support the ROC model to deliver and support effective resident ownership of mobile home park communities. In part, you will:

  • Provide support by consulting/coaching and training ROC Boards to ensure effective and efficient meetings as well as properly conceived and implemented projects (both short and long term)
  • Assist both established and developing ROCs with financial and loan compliance
  • Work closely with cooperative boards and property managers to create budgets (annual operating and short/long-term capital improvement plans)
  • Assist the other members of the Thistle ROC team in identification of opportunities that can effectively be converted parks to ROCs and support those transitions
  • Participate in ROC USA network events to train, strengthen skills, contribute to the industry and develop peer networks.

It might be hard to find all the skills in one person. Because the work is diverse, recent and relevant experience will be critically evaluated. A college degree is not required, but we are eager to hear why you think your experience and education make you the perfect fit. Experience in community organizing and competency with databases, spreadsheets is required.

To be successful, you’ll need to have strong administrative and organizational skills and be comfortable and competent when communicating with the public. Spanish fluency is desired though not required.  Experience with diverse populations is highly desired.

Interested?  Email your details to Our goal is to make this hire in February.

*ROC USA is a national, established, successful program with a network of organizations that help mobile home community residents form cooperatives and purchase their mobile home park. Cooperatives own a business operation rooted in democratic principles. Our job is to support members within the Cooperative. The work is unique for many reasons and combines Community Development and Real Estate Development. Learn more at

Thistle ROC, LLC is the sole representative of the program in Colorado. Presently Thistle has converted one community into a Cooperative and has two other communities under contract. We’re looking for an entrepreneurial executive that can grow and manage the ROC USA program in Colorado.

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