Cooperative Housing Director

Cooperative Development Institute
Northampton, Massachusetts

The Cooperative Development Institute (CDI) is the Northeast's Center for cooperative business education, training, and technical assistance. CDI was founded in 1994 by cooperative leaders across industry sectors to build a cooperative economy in the Northeast. 


This director-level position oversees CDI's largest and fastest-growing program, serving rural and suburban communities throughout New England and upstate New York, with 5 direct reports. A department of 3 state-level managers, a training specialist, an administrative supporter, and 10 enthusiastic and knowledgeable direct-service Technical Advisors are dedicated to seeking, packaging, acquiring, and supporting the conversation of manufactured housing communities to resident-ownership and ongoing democratic management. CDI has been highly successful, converting over 4,300 homes in 45 communities in 9 years to resident control; a major and growing force in affordable housing stabilization. 


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