Cooperative Specialist / Facilitator

California Center for Cooperative Development (CCCD)
Davis, CA


California Center for Cooperative Development (CCCD) is accepting applications for a full time Cooperative Developer/Facilitator position in Davis, CA.  Application submissions are welcomed immediately.

Position Description: Cooperative Facilitator will help manage a worker cooperative focused on Homecare services that enable seniors and disabled adults to remain in their homes. The facilitator will support business stability and growth, and engage in worker- member recruitment and training.  The position seeks a committed, creative person with diverse abilities, excellent communication skills, familiarity with homecare services, experience in business management or community/economic development, and a keen interest in the cooperative business model.  The position is full time. The facilitator must meet all requirements to become a registered California Home Care Aide.

The position focuses on supporting the new worker cooperative by making it a profitable business through member and business growth. This will include member development and cooperative education, as well as building the business with an emphasis on high quality homecare services to fragile clients. The facilitator will assist members with monitoring the business by maintaining accounting and payroll, and preparing monthly financial reports. Guidelines for the position include:

  • Work with supervisor to monitor and maintain consistency with the business plan, established policies and procedures, and funder compliance (scope of work; reports; parameters etc.)
  • Support Member Development and Empowerment
  • Business Management, including maintaining accounts & payroll using Quickbooks (will train if needed)
  • Promote Business Success

Maintain accountability for the following, while mentoring co-op members so that they are able to take over the responsibilities over the course of the next 24 months.

  • Support Member Development and Empowerment
    • Assist in Co-op member recruitment, orientation, training, and retention
    • Coordinate on-going cooperative and home care education conducted by CCCD staff or other organizations and professionals
    • Organize and promote member facilitation of weekly co-op meetings
    • Support effective and inclusive decision-making
    • Support the various co-op committees and the development of leadership among members
    • Foster a cooperative, non-hierarchical work environment
    • Support cooperative members in preparing and engaging in community outreach
    • Assure accurate records of clients, members, meetings, activities, and expenses; involve members in this process so that they will take over this responsibility
  • Business Management
    • Maintain payroll and accounting using Quickbooks.  Prepare financial reports for member review
    • Assist members with pricing services, maintaining inventory, and tracking payments
    • Manage client intake and communication, process customer requests and billing; perform and coordinate scheduling
    • Occasionally perform homecare services (may be up several hours per week)
    • Support homecare license regulatory compliance and compliance with co-op policies and procedures
    • Manage, update and grow the customer database
    • Maintain & manage member information
  • Promote Business Success
    • Promote marketing and sales, including email communications, outreach to the media, and coordinating updates to the website and social media posts
    • Develop, review and assist in implementing marketing strategy with co-op members
    • Review and follow business plan; suggest adjustments as necessary
    • Maintain high client satisfaction
  • Community Outreach (primarily for next co-op development project)
    • Deepen roots in community by partnering with organizations in Yolo County
    • Fundraise through established foundations, local banks, public sources, and other opportunities
  • Other tasks as needed

Qualifications & Expectations:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in Business Administration, Community Development, Economics, Sociology, or other related field.
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English; experience in working in diverse communities.
  • Demonstrated experience of strong verbal and written skills.
  • Superior organizational and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Experience with cooperative development, community and team development or related experience.
  • Familiarity with worker cooperatives.
  • Entrepreneurial/Business or comparable skills. Comfort with accounting and financials.
  • Ability to learn quickly and have an interest in developing a variety of new skills; be able to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines; have the ability to work both autonomously and with groups.
  • Able to meet all qualifications, and becoming a registered home care worker.
  • Able to engage in physical labor and ability to easily lift at least 30 pounds.

Hours: Full Time. Variable schedule; must be able to work 1-2 evening meetings per week and some weekends.

Languages: Bilingual in Spanish and English strongly preferred.

Compensation:  $4,200 to $4,700/month salary, based on education and experience.  Position includes paid holidays, sick and vacation, as well as health plan or allowance.

Application Process: Applications accepted immediately, deadline: Friday, July 3 (may be extended; position open until filled).  Applicants must submit a completed CCCD application, their full resume, and a brief cover letter by email to CCCD at (subject line: Cooperative Facilitator Position).  REMINDER: Be sure to save the fillable application on your computer before you attach it to your email. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

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