Development track Intern


Compensation: Stipend $800 for 5 hours a week for 8 weeks mid Sep. through Nov. 8th 


Timeline: Post by Fri, Aug 14, close by Sept 14. Interviews will be ongoing throughout the application period. Internship decision will be made by September 18th.

By the end of Sep. we will begin the projects listed below during the  7 wks before  NASCO institute. (a little more than 5hrs/wk)


Skills: Comfortable with Google Slides, Online presenting, basic understanding of Housing cooperative development, Competent writing and communication skills. Access to a computer and reliable high-speed internet is required.


Tasks and Working environment: This is a remote internship. Assist in adaptation of existing Development track materials for remote presentation. The intern will co-present at Institute with Development Track presenters, primarily ensuring that the information in the courses is presented during NASCO Institute. The intern will be required to attend all 6 blocks of the development track during Institute.


Projects that will be completed in concert with the NASCO Director of Development


Create a Development track packet 

Estimated time 10 hrs 


Assist in translating these existing workshops to online platform 

Estimated time 15 hrs 

 Course 1 - The Development Process *Merge with Course 2

 Course 2 - Strategies for New Co-op Organizers *Merge with Course 1

 Course 3 - Incorporation & bylaws 

 Course 4 - Finding a Property that Fits your Group’s needs

 Course 5 - Budget & Feasibility 

 Course 6 - Negotiating a Master Lease & Property Purchasing Clinic

 Course 7 - Getting Tax Exemption (US only)


Present workshops at Institute and ensure their recording

Estimated time ~15 hrs


Supervision and training: NASCO’s Director of Development will supervise the intern, and provide direction as needed. The intern will be trained by the Director of Development Services on how to co-present each of the Development Track courses.

How to apply: Email your cover letter and resume with the subject line “Development Internship” to by Sep. 14th.