Director of Education

North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO)
Chicago, IL or Remote

NASCO is accepting applications for a Director of Education. Please forward this posting to your networks and apply by May 30, 2022.

NASCO is an alliance of group-equity housing cooperatives helping to build a world where every community benefits from resident-controlled housing by educating and organizing youth and emerging leaders to create and care for co-ops in the U.S. and Canada.  We have nearly 40 member cooperatives representing over 4,000 cooperators.

NASCO operates using a non-hierarchical management structure, and this position would participate in management decisions after a probationary period of three months. All staff members are expected to actively participate in the management of the organization. NASCO staff are IWW union members and our Board of Directors recognizes our unionization.

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Position Description

The Director of Education (DE) is responsible for coordinating and implementing NASCO’s educational programs. The DE coordinates and develops the annual Cooperative Education & Training Institute and the Staff & Managers Conference. The DE is also responsible for delegating education work and overseeing contracted staff in order to implement NASCO educational programs. The DE is the primary person responsible for the creation of new educational programming for NASCO, including responding to board directives and member requests for new programming. The Director of Education ensures that NASCO's programming and education carry out the values of the organization, and partners with organizations doing anti-oppression and social justice work to enhance NASCO's programming. 

In partnership with Board members and Program Directors, the Director of Education acts as a representative and spokesperson for NASCO to other cooperative or community organizations, the public, government agencies, education organizations and foundations on local, national, and international levels.  They develop and implement public relations efforts on behalf of NASCO, including creating outreach and education materials.

Responsibilities for this position include:

NASCO Institute
  • Serve as primary staff person coordinating NASCO Institute

  • Create conference schedule and programming, including conference theme

  • Recruit high quality presenters and workshops, including keynote speakers

  • Coordinate the creation, design, and distribution of promotional materials and communications

  • Coordinate space rental and food, presenter logistics and equipment needs

  • Communicate with participants ahead of and during the conference

  • Support volunteers, board members, and other staff contributing to the program.

  • Coordinate with the Director of Leadership Development on annual Spring Conference for co-op leadership, staff, managers, and administrators in coordination with the other staff, including programming, logistics, and registration.  

  • Develop and improve NASCO’s educational programming

  • Build relationships with potential educational program partners, including anti-oppression and social justice organizations. 

  • Provide educational materials and training to member cooperatives to organize their own local/regional conferences and events. 

  • Attend NASCO Executive Committee conference calls as needed.

  • Attend the September NASCO Board meeting (remote)

  • Attend NASCO Board meetings as needed

  • Report to the Board of Directors on educational programs   

  • Work with the NASCO staff team to support the board in building politicized leadership among historically marginalized people within NASCO and its membership

  • Support the Director of Leadership Development and Director of Community Engagement in the solicitation of sponsorships for major conferences and events

General Duties
  • All NASCO staff are expected to travel on a regular basis, though will not be required to travel more than one weekend per month. 

  • All NASCO staff are expected to conduct visits to member cooperatives (currently, each staff member is responsible for visiting 12-15 co-ops per year) and to attend meetings of the family boards on request. 

  • All NASCO staff are expected to contribute to the creation and presentation of educational materials.

  • All NASCO staff are expected to participate in NASCO’s fundraising efforts. 

  • All NASCO staff are expected to participate in preparation for NASCO Institute and attend NASCO Institute (Thursday to Tuesday) each year. 

  • All NASCO staff engage in supporting the Cooperative Leadership Program.

  • All NASCO staff are expected to serve as a liaison to one or more NASCO boards or committees, and to attend meetings of those boards/committees. All staff are also expected to report regularly to the boards and committees for which they serve as liaison.

Management Duties
  • All NASCO staff are expected to play an active role in the management and operations of the staff collective, including attending staff meetings and retreats.

  • All NASCO staff are expected to behave professionally while representing NASCO, in accordance with NASCO's policies on professional conduct. This includes official representation to affiliated organizations, networking or conference attendance associated with NASCO, and visits or consultations with NASCO current or potential members.

  • All NASCO staff are expected to keep accurate records of the use of their time, and to report on this on a monthly basis using the agreed upon documents and procedures.

  • All NASCO staff are expected to respond in a timely manner to inquiries from directors, members, or stakeholders. Staff are expected to respond to communications through email, phone, or other channels that NASCO may decide to use for official business.

  • All NASCO staff are expected to participate in annual staff evaluation processes and probationary evaluations of new staff. 

  • All NASCO staff are expected to follow all management policies decided by the staff collective and codified in the Staff Handbook, as well as all NASCO policies and decisions set by the board. 

Required Experience/skills
  • Clear commitment to the mission of NASCO, including a commitment to anti-oppression

  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills

  • Proficiency with email communication

  • Willingness to travel in order to attend Board of Director meetings or trainings for members

  • Commitment to building a sustainable and socially just cooperative movement

  • Experience with planning conferences or other educational events

  • Understanding of popular/participatory education

Preferred Experience/skills
  • Knowledge of flat management structures and/or collectives. 

  • Experience working with and reporting to volunteer boards

  • Familiarity with group equity and/or student and/or affordable housing cooperatives

  • Relationships with cooperative educators in the US and Canada


Location, salary, and benefits

Our preference is for the Director of Education to be based in Chicago, IL or be able to relocate to Chicago, IL within one year, however, we will consider making this a remote position for a candidate in a strategically beneficial location.

This position is full time at 32 hours per week. The annual salary is $37,540, paid on a monthly basis. 

This position is not exempt from Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requirements, some nights and weekends are required. This position receives flex time for hours worked between 32 and 40 and overtime pay for hours in excess of 40 hours in any given week.

This position involves significant travel, on average once a month, usually overnight and often hosted by local member co-ops at their discretion.

Benefits include paid time off (fifteen days of vacation in the first year, ten paid holidays plus the work days between Christmas and New Year's, and unlimited sick time), health and dental insurance, and partial reimbursement for childcare.

NASCO is an equal opportunity employer. People of color, women, transgender / genderqueer / non-binary people, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


Hiring Process

We anticipate a mid-July start date for this position, with the possibility of some training in early July depending on candidate availability.

To apply, please submit your cover letter, resume and application by Monday, May 30, 2022 to Applicants selected for interviews will be contacted by Wednesday, June 8, 2022, and interviews will be held remotely from June 6 - 19.

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Application for Director of Education position (written questions):

Please respond to the following questions.

  1. Why do you want to work for NASCO?

  2. What is your experience with non-profit management and cooperatives?

  3. What is your experience with cooperative education? How will your skills and approach to education benefit NASCO's members?

  4. Describe your experience with group facilitation. What is your style as facilitator?

  5. How do you, as an educator and facilitator, work with diverse audiences to meaningfully communicate with and serve marginalized people? 

  6. What is the largest conference, meeting, or event you've organized (either virtual or in person)? What was your role in planning that event?

  7. Have you attended NASCO Institute before? Have you attended any of the other programs managed by this position? Which elements of the program(s) did you find to be strongest, and how would you improve the program(s)?

  8. Describe your experience managing large, complex, long-term projects. How do you ensure timeliness and accountability? How successful have you been with delegating tasks to coworkers?

  9. Describe your experience working with volunteer boards and your familiarity with non-profit governance.

  10. Working at NASCO involves traveling to member co-ops. While staff travel is currently suspended, we will be phasing it back in this coming year. By summer 2023, we expect travel to be once per month. Travel is usually overnight and if so, it is our preference that staff be hosted by a member co-op.  How available are you for overnight travel? Would the travel arrangement described here work for you? 

Deadline to Apply: 
May 30, 2022