Director of Finance and Operations

People’s Owned and Operated Collective Housing
Lawrence, KS


  • Finance:

    • Coordinate with the bookkeeper and accountant to maintain the following records:

      • Quarterly unemployment taxes for the state

      • Annual federal taxes

      • Annual federal unemployment

      • Annual report of nonprofit status to state and federal governments 

      • Annual workman's comp. Insurance

      • Staff payroll

    • Prepare an annual budget to be presented at biannual All Member Meetings

    • Provide oversight of the bank accounts using the following methods:

      • Monthly reconciliation in Quickbooks

      • Record and report on approved member payment plans 

      • Provide and explain monthly profit and loss, balance sheet, and check detail reports available to POOCH members

    • Coordinate house financial records including but not limited to:

      • Recording invoices and receipts related to maintenance and meal program

      • Reporting budget-to-actual comparisons for maintenance, food, utilities, and other operational expenses to members, officers, and board

      • Ensuring timely payment of invoices 


  • Membership:

    • Maintain an accurate rent roll for each house that includes the following:

      • Name and emergency contact 

      • Room number and lease rate

      • Balance outstanding and payment plan status

      • Lease expiration

    • Assist staff and membership in filling vacancies in an auxiliary support capacity

  • Fundraising

    • Assist other Director in efforts to:

      • Research and pursue additional funding sources

      • Research grants

      • Coordinate membership to write grant proposals


  • Office and Miscellaneous Duties:

    • Have passwords to all house accounts

    • Interface with NASCO staff when needed

    • Guide and direct interns hired by the board and include report on intern activity during the monthly board meeting

    • Establish and maintain long-term storage solutions for records


  • Board and Committees:

    • Attend all board meetings

    • Provide materials as requested by board members

      • i.e. budget breakdowns, various reports

      • Subject to requests by board committees

    • Assess POOCH staff needs and make recommendations to the board, including POOCH progress in strategic plan implementation

    • Complete board projects in mutually agreed time-frame

    • Coordinate with Nasco Representative to create reports for the board and NASCO

    • Participate in and oversee the activities of subcommittees as needed

    • Work in consultation with the Treasurer of the Board of Directors to create financial reports


  • Maintenance:

    • Assist houses with reimbursement of approved maintenance expenses

    • Prepare multi-year maintenance plans

      • Work with outside inspector or entity to prepare multi-year maintenance plan and report to the board about progress

    • Solicit input from members and officers on maintenance needs

    • Address any issues identified through city or insurance provider inspections in a timely way

    • Maintain compliance with city code and POOCH lease and policies on habitability issues

    • Respond to maintenance emergencies

      • Meeting with contractors, receiving bids, presentations to the board about bids



  • Required ability to work with diverse communities to achieve above said goals

  • Required demonstrated experience with egalitarian living space 

  • Preferred nonprofit administration experience

  • Preferred property management experience 

  • Preferred knowledge of cooperative housing 

  • Preferred bi or multilingual capability

  • Preferred experience starting and using Quickbooks   

  • Have a phone and computer independent of POOCH



  • $17.13 per hour

  • 70 hours per month

  • Not overtime exempt


Hour Management

  • Hours are to be tracked on a spreadsheet along with a description of what was done during working hours. Hours will be color coded to reflect the duties listed below. Spreadsheet will be reviewed quarterly at staff presentation to the board of directors. 


Work Location:

  • Office located at 1406 Tennessee St. 

  • Remote work allowed, position is based in Lawrence, KS



  • Flexible

  • Requires some evenings and weekends 


Priority Deadline for applicants: September, 30th. 

Send resume and cover letter to, subject “Director of Finance and Operations Position” 

Contact Kincaid Dennett by phone at 316-708-8132 or at the e-mail above with any additional questions

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