Director of Operations


NASCO is hiring a Director of Operations! 

NASCO is accepting applications for the Director of Operations position. Please forward this posting to your networks and apply by Friday, July 5th, 2024. Contact for questions about this position or the hiring process.

NASCO is an alliance of group-equity housing cooperatives helping to build a world where every community benefits from resident-controlled housing by educating and organizing youth and emerging leaders to create and care for co-ops in the U.S. and Canada. 

NASCO operates using a non-hierarchical management structure, and this position will participate in management decisions after a probationary period of three months. All staff members are expected to actively participate in the management of the organization. NASCO staff are IWW union members and our Board of Directors recognizes our unionization.  

Position Overview

The Director of Operations coordinates with the NASCO staff team to maintain the stability, continuity, and financial sustainability of NASCO operations. The Director of Operations supports and systematizes efforts across finance, administrative, and human resources in order to ensure efficient use of resources.  The Director of Operations oversees routine administrative and HR functions and is responsible for designing and implementing any changes to administrative processes. The Director of Operations is responsible for creating and implementing the operational plan and for reporting on operations to the NASCO board. Additionally, the Director of Operations coordinates member services and contributes to the educational programming of the organization.

Duties of All NASCO Staff 

The following are duties of all NASCO Staff:

  • As a team, collectively hold executive responsibility for NASCO and NASCO Properties, overseeing the successful functioning of all aspects of the organizations including but not limited to strategic planning, hiring and evaluation of staff, operational and financial management.

  • Participate in the direction and delivery of NASCO programming and education, traveling to member and/or client co-ops when needed.*

  • Maintain and cultivate relationships with housing co-ops and promote NASCO membership to eligible housing co-ops.

*In the normal course of business, staff members are not expected to travel more than 12 weekends per year and no more than two in a single month.

All staff members of NASCO shall act in an ethical and considerate manner while conducting work activities and while interacting with board members, officers, employees and members of NASCO-member co-ops and other entities that conduct regular business with NASCO. Staff members recognize that their behavior at any time may reflect on the reputation of the organization and impact the relationships and partnerships of NASCO.


Specific Duties of the Director of Operations 


  • Financial management of NASCO, including oversight of bookkeeping and reporting as well as working with the NASCO board to set and monitor financial metrics and reserve levels

  • Oversee financial administration of NASCO including liaising with bookkeepers, invoice follow-up, reconciliation, monthly and quarterly reporting

  • Oversee NASCO’s finances including draft the annual budget, identify, develop and monitor current and past revenue sources, and monitor cash flow and expenses

  • Record and deposit all payments to NASCO via check, deposit all payments to NP made via check

  • Ensure sound accounting practices for the NASCO Family of organizations, including regular reports to each board and supervision of NASCO Family finance policies

  • Create and implement the operational plan

  • Maintain a Main Office Mailbox for the organization, open and distribute all mail to the appropriate staff members

  • Maintain the organization's storage unit, including archives, merchandise, and event materials

  • Manage the membership renewal process, including creating dues invoices, doing outreach to members, and processing dues payment

  • Maintain corporate records and legal filings for NASCO

  • Manage NASCO's fiscal sponsorship program, including negotiating agreements, oversight of receipt, disbursement, and use of funds. 

  • Manage Contracts between NASCO and affiliated Organizations, including Negotiation, Compliance, and tracking Deliverables.


  • Administer staff time keeping system and report on work time by program, overtime, and paid time off

  • Design and implement evaluation of individual NASCO Staff members, including self, peer, and stakeholder feedback

  • Maintain and organize personnel records while ensuring confidentiality in accordance with NASCO policies

  • Manage payroll system including processing payroll, keeping payroll tax information up to date, and reporting

  • Manage staff enrollment and receipt of benefits, including health insurance, dental, vision, and retirement funds, etc.

  • Coordinate staff turnover on an as needed basis, including managing hiring process and design onboarding/training schedule with input from the NASCO Staff

  • Provide logistical support for conflict resolution and personnel concerns

  • Work with each NASCO staff member to set work plans, priorities, and review completion of responsibilities through ongoing review of strategic and operational plans

  • Liaise with NASCO's Personnel Committee, attend monthly meetings, support its work, and provide regular reporting on relevant staff work

  • Assist the NASCO Personnel Committee with the implementation of an evaluation of the Staff Team as requested by the committee

  • In collaboration with the Staff, make recommendations for future staffing changes (change in staffing structure, change in position, change in job description, probationary status, change in hours or wages, termination) to NASCO Board of Directors

  • Monitor and report on compliance with NASCO Staff personnel policies for accountability


  • Coordinate preparation of monthly staff reports for the NASCO Executive Committee and quarterly reports to the NASCO family boards

  • Coordinate with the NASCO Board of Directors and Executive Committee to plan meetings, prepare agendas, and coordinate board participation

  • Liaise with the NASCO Executive Committee, attend meetings, support their work and provide regular reporting on staff work relevant to the committee

  • Maintain accurate and accessible records of NASCO board meetings including minutes and commentary

  • Maintain the NASCO articles, bylaws, standing rules, and mission/vision/identity statements, etc.

  • Support the board in strategic planning, including tracking and reporting on progress

  • Work with the NASCO staff team to support the board in building politicized leadership among historically marginalized people within NASCO and its membership

Education & Membership

  • Coordinate group registration for NASCO Institute, including group registration outreach, invoicing, and payment processing

  • Administer Scholarship Funds, such as the Black Equity Scholarship Fund, and the Low-Income Scholarship Fund to ensure equitable access to NASCO's Educational programming

  • Manage the membership renewal process, including preparation for dues invoicing, doing outreach to members, and tracking dues payment

  • Craft Health Assessment interview questions and process to be relevant to and supportive of NASCO members

  • Create an annual aggregate health assessment report OR another form of sector-wide reporting relevant to NASCO's membership


Required Experience/skills

  • Clear commitment to the mission of NASCO, including a commitment to anti-oppression

  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills

  • Proficiency with email communication

  • Willingness to travel in order to attend Board of Director meetings or trainings for members

  • Commitment to building a sustainable and socially just cooperative movement

  • Non-profit financial management, including donations and grant administration, fiscal sponsorship, budgeting.

  • Payroll and benefits management experience

  • Bookkeeping and non-profit GAAP accounting

  • Quickbooks proficiency

Preferred Experience/skills

  • Knowledge of flat management structures and/or collectives. 

  • Experience working with and reporting to volunteer boards

  • Familiarity with group equity and/or student and/or affordable housing cooperatives

  • Human resources experience is highly desirable.


Location, salary, and benefits

The Director of Operations is a remote position, with some job duties that involve maintaining a mailbox and storage for NASCO. We currently have staff members located in Michigan, Illinois and Louisiana and are prioritizing candidates from those states for administrative reasons.

Salary is $52,228.32 annually, paid on a monthly basis.

This position is not exempt from Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requirements. 40 hours of work per week are expected, with some nights and weekends. Travel may be required. 

Benefits include:

  • Fifteen days of vacation each in the first year and second year, twenty days in each year following.

  • Ten paid floating holidays plus the work days between Christmas and New Year's 

  • Sick time as needed

  • Health and dental insurance with premiums fully covered by NASCO

  • Partial reimbursement for childcare (currently set at $375 per month).

  • Generous parental leave (12 weeks fully paid by NASCO)

NASCO is an equal opportunity employer. People of color, women, transgender/genderqueer/non-binary people, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


Hiring Process

We anticipate an early August start date for this position.

To apply, please submit your cover letter, resume, and answers to application questions by July 5th, 2024. Applicants selected for interviews will be contacted by July 8th, and interviews will be held remotely between July 10th - 19th.  

Application materials should be submitted via


Application Questions 

  1. Why do you want to work for NASCO? What aspects of the role are you most drawn to?

  2. What is your experience with non-profit management and cooperatives?

  3. Describe your experience working with volunteer boards and your familiarity with non-profit governance.

  4. Do you have experience with bookkeeping, Quickbooks, and financial reporting? 

  5. What kinds of budgets have you managed and how have you monitored or reported on them?

  6. Do you have experience with human resource management, including payroll and benefits administration?

  7. Each member of our staff is heavily involved in providing training, consulting, and technical assistance to co-ops. Which experiences and skills would you leverage to conduct meaningful educational experiences for NASCO's members?

  8. Do you have experience with database management, especially CRMs? How have you used data and metrics in planning your work?

  9. What experience do you have with collective decision making or consensus-based decision making?

  10. Working at NASCO involves traveling to Ann Arbor, MI in November each year to help run NASCO Institute, our flagship conference. There may be other, intermittent travel required as a course of business and as the budget allows. What is your comfortability around travel, and does the travel described here seem feasible for you? 

  11. NASCO is mostly a remote work environment where coworkers and members are located across multiple time zones (excluding the travel described above). Please describe your comfort level with remote work and your ability to keep accountable to work in an often asynchronous workplace. 

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Friday, July 5th, 2024