Director of Property Services


NASCO is hiring a Director of Property Services! 

NASCO is accepting applications for the Director of Property Services position. Please forward this posting to your networks and apply by Friday, June 28th, 2024. Contact for questions about this position or the hiring process. 

NASCO is an alliance of group-equity housing cooperatives helping to build a world where every community benefits from resident-controlled housing by educating and organizing youth and emerging leaders to create and care for co-ops in the U.S. and Canada.
NASCO Properties (NP) is a property holding and management corporation branch of NASCO. NP uses equity from buildings it owns to provide collateral and equity for new groups. NASCO Properties operates as a support network for its member co-ops, offering training and asset management assistance.

NASCO operates using a non-hierarchical management structure, and this position will participate in management decisions after a probationary period of three months. All staff members are expected to actively participate in the management of the organization. NASCO staff are IWW union members and our Board of Directors recognizes our unionization.  

Position Overview

The Director of Property Services is primarily responsible for providing technical assistance and education on cooperative management to the members of NASCO Properties leasing co-ops.  The position is also responsible for the planning and creation of new training materials related to cooperative property management. This position works in partnership with the Director of Properties to strengthen and grow the co-ops within the NP network by providing technical assistance and training for their members. 

The Director of Property Services will work closely with the Directors of Properties and other consultants to assist in the development of cooperatives.  This will include both development work through NASCO Properties as well as consulting, education, technical assistance, and contracted development services for organizations outside of NASCO Properties.

Duties of All NASCO Staff 

The following are duties of all NASCO Staff:

  • As a team, collectively hold executive responsibility for NASCO and NASCO Properties, overseeing the successful functioning of all aspects of the organizations including but not limited to strategic planning, hiring and evaluation of staff, operational and financial management.

  • Participate in the direction and delivery of NASCO programming, traveling to member and/or client co-ops when needed.*

  • Maintain and cultivate relationships with housing co-ops and promote NASCO membership to eligible housing co-ops.

*In the normal course of business, staff members are not expected to travel more than 12 weekends per year and no more than two in a single month.


All staff members of NASCO shall act in an ethical and considerate manner while conducting work activities and while interacting with board members, officers, employees and members of NASCO-member co-ops and other entities that conduct regular business with NASCO. Staff members recognize that their behavior at any time may reflect on the reputation of the organization and impact the relationships and partnerships of NASCO.

Specific Duties of the Director of Property Services 

NASCO Properties Partner Co-op Administration 

  • Coordinate the processing of accounts payable and receivable between NP and local leasing cooperatives

  • Maintain rent rolls for each local leasing cooperative noting vacancies, total revenue at current occupancy, and expected end dates for all leases

  • Maintain member balance reports and templates for leases and payment plans used in each of the local partner cooperatives

  • Reconcile the books for each local NP partner cooperative

  • Lead the creation and maintenance of quarterly comparative reports that include and are available to all local NP cooperatives, which will include basic financial comparisons as well as comparisons of common operational and structural issues, with the support of the Director of Properties.

NASCO Properties Partner Co-op Governance 

  • Communicate with NP's leasing co-ops regarding activities of the NP Board and other leasing co-ops

  • Facilitate communication and sharing of best practices among NP partner cooperatives

  • Maintain an NP-wide library of policies, templates, leases, and other technical materials created by each local partner cooperative

  • Ensure that at least twice per year local NP cooperative board meetings are attended by a representative of NASCO Properties

NASCO Properties Member Services 

  • Assist NP leasing cooperatives with marketing and member recruitment or retention issues upon the request of the leasing co-op or the NP board, supported by the Director of Properties.

  • The Director of NP Member Services is tasked with education and training on co-op management and operations for members of NP cooperatives

  • In conjunction with the Director of Properties, ensure that each NP member co-op receives at least two visits per year. Each year coops with greater needs (financial difficulty, unusually high turnover, legal issues, member crisis) will get a third visit.  For the purposes of this position, a visit may be conducted remotely if necessary if an equivalent number of trainings and consultations are available

  • Coordinate with any local co-op officers designated to assist their co-op under NP’s Emergency Assistance policies

  • Ensure that each NP leasing co-op's leadership meet with a member of NASCO staff at least monthly to share operational updates and maintenance or member services requests

  • Ensure that a set of trainings is created and maintained for core operational functions at local member cooperatives 

  • Coordinate a set of annual orientation events for the members of each local partner cooperative

  • Coordinate with other NASCO staff to make any training materials created for NP co-ops available to the wider NASCO membership

  • Participate in work related to the education and training for the members of NP cooperatives in order to improve the operations of those cooperatives


  • Participate in work related to the development of new cooperatives, including consulting, education, technical assistance, and contracted development services

  • Coordinate with the Director of Development Services to increase the success rate of non-NP cooperative development by using models, templates, or other materials that were created for projects within NP

  • Assist in the planning of or application materials for co-op development projects


Required Experience/skills

  • Clear commitment to the mission of NASCO, including a commitment to anti-oppression

  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills

  • Proficiency with email communication

  • Willingness to travel to attend Board meetings or trainings for members

  • Commitment to building a sustainable and socially just cooperative movement

  • Experience with QuickBooks and bookkeeping

  • Knowledge of basic property management and maintenance

Preferred Experience/skills

  • Knowledge of flat management structures and/or collectives

  • Experience working with and reporting to volunteer-run organizations

  • Familiarity with group equity, student, or affordable housing cooperatives

  • Experience with cooperative governance

  • Familiarity with NASCO or NASCO Properties

Location, salary, and benefits

The Director of Property Services is a remote position. We currently have staff members located in Michigan, Illinois and Louisiana. 

Salary is $57,000 annually, paid on a monthly basis.

This position is not exempt from Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requirements. Forty hours of work per week are expected, with some nights and weekends. Regular travel to member co-ops is expected. 

Benefits include:

  • Fifteen days of vacation each in the first year and second year, twenty days in each year following.

  • Ten paid floating holidays plus the work days between Christmas and New Year's 

  • Sick time as needed

  • Health and dental insurance with premiums fully covered by NASCO

  • Partial reimbursement for childcare (currently set at $375 per month).

  • Generous parental leave (12 weeks fully paid by NASCO)

NASCO is an equal opportunity employer. People of color, women, transgender/genderqueer/non-binary people, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Hiring Process

We anticipate a late July start date for this position.

To apply, please submit your cover letter, resume, and answers to application questions (listed below) by June 28, 2024. Applicants selected for interviews will be contacted by July 8, and interviews will be held remotely between July 10 - 17.  

Application materials should be submitted via

Application Questions 

  1. Why do you want to work for NASCO? What aspects of the role are you most drawn to?

  2. What is your experience with non-profit management and cooperatives?

  3. Describe your experience working with volunteer boards and your familiarity with non-profit governance.

  4. Do you have experience with bookkeeping, Quickbooks, and financial reporting? 

  5. Each member of our staff is heavily involved in directly providing training, consulting, and technical assistance to co-ops. Which experiences and skills would you leverage to facilitate meaningful educational experiences for member co-ops?

  6. This position will work closely with local NP co-ops to improve their systems through training/education, recommendations, or sharing technical resources from similar co-ops, but does not have direct authority to change those local systems. How would you handle this in conversations with co-ops to make sure members understand what you share with them and encourage them to act on it?

  7. Where do you see NASCO Properties’ best opportunities for stability and growth in the next 5 years, and how would your support help move toward those goals?

  8. What experience do you have with collective decision making or consensus-based decision making?

  9. Working at NASCO involves traveling to member co-ops. While staff travel was suspended due to COVID, travel to NP co-ops has been ramping up in the last year. We generally expect to travel around once per month. Travel is usually overnight, and it is our preference that staff be hosted by the member co-op we’re visiting. Please describe your level of comfort with this type of expectation, including your availability for overnight travel. Would the travel arrangement described here work for you?

  10. NASCO is mostly a remote work environment where coworkers and members are located across multiple timezones (excluding the travel described above). Please describe your comfort level with remote work and your ability to keep accountable to work in an often asynchronous workplace.

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Deadline to Apply: 
Friday, June 28th, 2024