Financial Craftsperson & Bookkeeper

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Bay Area

We are looking for a Financial Craftsperson & Bookkeeper, who will support the smooth, transparent, participatory, and (dare we say it?) joyful function of our financial, payroll, and benefits systems, in addition to contributing to our collectively-stewarded organization in other ways. Do you think that might be you? 

Our Unique Approach and Values: We view our internal financial work as an opportunity for constant learning, improvement, social transformation, and even fun. We annually party like it’s 990. We share the labor and rotate staff through financial roles to deepen our skills, participation, and transparency, and so that people can have cool role titles, like Expense Squirrel. We turned our audit process into an undercover investigation into the world of GAAP, and we like to ponder the ways that GAAP reinforces capitalism and inequality. We’re endlessly learning and cracking egg jokes about retirement savings. We’ve turned fiscal sponsorship into an opportunity to spread democracy. We engage all staff in participatory budgeting and have an equitable and transparent staff compensation structure. We’re looking for someone who will relish all this along with us, and who also enjoys the detail work of bookkeeping, which includes day-to-day problem-solving of less fun things like: “Hmm, why isn’t Quickbooks syncing to today?” and “Whoopsy, did we pay this bill twice?” 

We expect that your time will break down approximately as follows:

70% financial stuff: You will become the primary person responsible for bookkeeping, financial reporting, payroll, and benefits administration, while collaborating with our teams to share the labor and continually improve the flow in all of these systems. You’ll be meeting with and participating in the work of our Operations, Admin, and Financial Circles.

20% participatory stewardship: All of our core staff contribute to the overall governance and stewardship of our collectively-managed organization (e.g., attending all-staff “General Circle” meetings, contributing to annual grassroots fundraising efforts, participating in staff trainings, etc).

10% magic! Whatever superpowers you bring to the organization, let’s harness them for social transformation! For example, you might bring some of your financial skills to support our clients, who are inspiring BIPOC-led land projects, worker collectives, and more. Or maybe you like teaching or making art or facilitating groups. We do our best work when we all bring our whole selves to our teams!

Our Timeline: We are accepting applications through March 23, 2021. We expect to conduct interviews in early April.

How to Apply: Please find a link to our Application Form at the bottom of the job description and fill out the Application Form by 11:59pm PST on March 23, 2021


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