General Manager

Campus Co-op Residences Incorporated
Toronto, Ontario

As general manager you will be the facilitator of the co-op, you will take marching orders from a board and provide them guidance. You will provide stability and a political through line for the 85 year old institution, as we attempt to engage with the world and show people what a more communal society can look like. A successful candidate will be experienced in creating and administering budgets including steering them through a democratic approvals process. You will be responsible for a small staff, including con- ducting staff reviews and administering the benefits and insurance programs. The General Manager is hired by and responsible to the board. At the same time you will be a key resource and support for the board. You are in fact the staff member tasked with supporting the board full time. Due to the high turnover in a student organization, you will also function as an important part of the institutional memory.

You will be responsible for ensuring the co-operative complies with these external factors as well as its own internal rules. You will be responsible for ensuring that the dining halls, when operating, comply with all regulations concerning food preparation and safety, as well as general sanitation throughout the co-op. You will support the collective decision-making processes of our organization while ensuring that the non-profit is financially healthy, in compliance with legal requirements, and working toward our long-term goals. You will prepare information packages for board and general meeting packages to be distributed well in advance of all meetings. An important part of the position will be ongoing work to educate new members of the co-op, the board, and the executive. The large turnover every September means that you will be assisting in the overall program to help the new membership realize what that entails, both privileges and responsibilities. You will be assisting in ongoing recruitment for the board as well as many other member roles. You should be able to articulate and communicate the long term vision and mission of the organization, beyond affordable student housing. You will also have to be involved in the difficult task of community building in a scattered co-op consisting of houses of roughly ten residents each.

This is not a work from home position. You are the person who must stay in touch with what is going on all over the co-op, more than anyone else. You should personally visit each house in the co-op at least once a month, and more if major work is planned or ongoing. You must also have demonstrated a progressive political vision regarding social issues such as Queer, Indigenous, materialist, and anti-Imperialist theory. You should also show your understanding of the larger social and economic aims and potential of the co-operative movement in building a fairer and more functional society than the current capitalist model.


Experience Required

  • Experience in administering a non-profit organization.

  • Experience with co-ops and/or other community-based or democratically-run organizations.

  • Experience working with a Board of Directors and committees.

  • A minimum of three years of experience in management, planning and financial oversight.

  • A minimum of three years of experience in personnel management, including hiring, supervision, and evaluation.

  • Leadership experience within a volunteer-driven organisation (e.g. vol- unteer recruitment, training, retention, leadership development).

  • Relevant post-secondary education or equivalent experience.

We understand that experience comes in many forms. We’re dedicated to adding new perspectives to the team – so if your experience is somewhat close to what we’re looking for, please consider applying.


Position Overview

Title : General Manager

Position Type: Permanent, full-time

Salary range: $ 70,000-$ 80,000 (commensurate with experience).

Benefits: Standard benefits package (health, pension, insurance, etc.)

Hours: 40 hrs/week (including evening or weekend meetings, 3-5 times per month)


Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to our hiring committee via email:

Company Website: