General manager

Community Food Co-op
Bellingham, WA

Who we Are:

Community Food Co-Op was established in 1970 opening its first storefront in the Fairhaven District of Bellingham, WA. Since that time, the Co-Op has grown and thrived. The Co-Op currently operates 3 locations in the Bellingham area with over 20,000 members.


As we have continued to grow and expand our services, we have held true to our Mission and Values.

We are a consumer-owned grocery store serving our community with quality products and honest information. We are committed to maintaining the economic viability of the Co-op in order to:

  • Promote cooperative ownership by fostering member involvement and responding to member needs.
  • Build community by respecting diversity and cultivating connections within the Co-op and Whatcom County.
  • Encourage informed choices by educating ourselves and our community on issues of food, healthy lifestyles, the environment, and human rights.
  • Model ethical business and employment practices by acting with honesty, integrity, and respect in the workplace and marketplace.
  • Promote a sustainable economy by supporting organic and sustainable food production and other environmentally and socially responsible businesses locally, regionally, and nationally.


General Manager Position:

Community Food Co-Op has an opportunity to hire a General Manager to lead us through the next phase of our growth. As we grapple with the impacts of the pandemic, our internal systems are looking for support, focus and innovation. External to our work, we continue to have a focus on social justice, climate change, and engagement of our community with our food and services. The next General Manager will have the unique opportunity to help us shape our strategy for the next 3-5 years and begin building the team and services needed to maintain our relevance.


Even more importantly, the role of a Food Co-Op in our community as a food resource, and as a member-owned organization is key to our future. Food co-ops enable members and community members to be engaged with their food: where it comes from, how it is produced and how we use it to sustain ourselves and our families. Few other organizations directly engage staff, community and members in the discussions and experiences of connecting with their food supply.


The Opportunity:


If you have retail/grocery experience and believe in the purpose and role of co-ops in meeting our community needs—we want to talk!


We are accepting applications for the General Manager position through May 30, 2022 and have developed a job description and hiring process to engage staff and board in finding our next leader.


Information about the position is available here:

Application Deadline:  May 30, 2022

We look forward to hearing from you!

Company Website:
Deadline to Apply: 
May 30, 2022