Internship Land Circle

Lost Valley Education Center
Dexter, OR

Join our Intentional Community and Education Center for a 3-month immersive internship
experience and build lasting friendships with other caring, compassionate, and dedicated
individuals. You will have a chance to participate in educational offerings and join community
meetings so you can learn about our decision-making processes. Together we will cultivate the
knowledge, skills and experience to help you successfully navigate community living while
contributing to the creation of a socially and ecologically regenerative future.

This is for you if you have been thinking about making new like-minded friends, developing
marketable skills, experiencing living in community, lightening your footprint on the Earth,
acquiring or increasing your permaculture skills, and learning more inclusive ways of making
group decisions.

Let the beauty of our 87-acre nature sanctuary nurture your body and soul as you wander
through the woods, dip in the creek, or bathe in the sun during the day. Join us for saunas, song
circles around the fire, and stargazing at night. We love living here together and are excited to
welcome interested learners into our community for a 3-months internship starting in June.
Ideal candidates are curious, self-motivated, service-oriented, conscientious and enthusiastic
about living in community.

Benefits: Lodging, meals, community immersion, participation in educational offerings, nature, laundry
access (This internship does not offer financial compensation.)

● This is a great role for someone with some experience in forestry, landscaping,
agriculture, and/or wildland fire-fighting.
● The land internship role works with the Land Circle to accomplish our land conservation
and restoration goals as well as doing fire mitigation, agroforestry, and orcharding/food
forest maintenance.
● The role requires the ability to perform long hikes in the forest and some strenuous
physical labor. We are looking for 20 hours a week with a three month commitment. This
can be extended if both parties are amenable.
Projects include (not limited to):
● Agroforestry
● Social Forestry
● Biochar
● Fire Mitigation / Remediation
● Brush Clearing / Trail Maintenance
● Milling

For any questions of clarification, email
Apply at

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Deadline to Apply: 
July 31, 2022