Leasing Manager

Solar Community Housing Association (SCHA)
Davis, CA

Solar Community Housing Association

7 Baggins End, Davis, CA 95616


Hours:  40 hrs/wk, flexible schedule, including some required evenings and weekends

Compensation: $16-$19/hr DOE as the starting hourly wage for a 6 month training period, then $20/hr salary after 6 months with health benefits after 90 days

Location: Davis, California

Application Deadline: position open until filled

Start Date: mid to late August

To Apply: email your resume and cover letter to generalmanager@schadavis.org

About SCHA and our housing

Solar Community Housing Association (SCHA) is an independent non-profit organization that provides low-income cooperative housing in Davis, California. SCHA is governed by residents, who serve as representatives on the board of directors. SCHA houses a total of 88 resident members, between six co-op houses with 7-15 residents each, and “The Domes” - a co-housing community of 26 residents, housed in 13 two-bedroom dome homes. SCHA leases three of the houses (the Tri Co-ops) and the Domes from UC Davis, and owns the three off-campus co-ops. Our co-ops strive to be a safe(r) and accessible space for people with marginalized identities, while simultaneously creating space to unlearn oppressive behaviors.

In addition to the maintenance and upkeep of the houses SCHA owns, our ground lease with the University requires that we upkeep and carry out major maintenance projects at the properties we lease from them. In the immediate future, we have plans to renovate the Domes. The Domes were built in 1972, and were brought up to code at the start of our ground lease in 2010. However, since they are 40+ years old, a number of their internal fixtures will need upgrades or replacement in the near future.


This property management position will be primarily responsible for leasing and supporting resident work on SCHA committees and action teams. These include Applicant Coordinating, Communications, Conflict Resolution, Governance, and Alumni Engagement. The Leasing Manager will also work with residents to ensure that on-campus co-ops are in compliance with UCD Ground Lease and Campus Co-ops Handbook agreements.

Responsibilities include standard property management tasks such as outreach to potential applicants, move-in and move-out walkthroughs, and signing leases with residents (about 50% of the time), as well as meeting with committees and interns (about 50% of the time).

We’re looking for someone who enjoys working with students and meeting as part of a collaborative group. The hours of work will be flexible and can be set by the Leasing Manager, within reasonable parameters, in conversation with SCHA. We need someone who is self-motivated, reliable, patient, well-organized, and able to interact professionally with college students, University representatives, and contractors.

Property Management

  • Prepare and sign lease agreements,  move-in and subleasing documents with all co-op residents
  • Maintain leasing records and ensure that co-op residents have their own copies of leasing documents
  • Communicate with residents and staff about leasing and member responsibility  violations
  • Complete move-out walkthroughs and paperwork with all co-op residents
  • Collaborate with Project Manager and co-op residents to ensure that co-ops are well-maintained and prepared for inspections 
  • Run eligibility reports for on-campus co-op residents and applicants and to ensure that they are eligible prior to signing leases and subleases
  • Ensure that on-campus co-ops are in compliance with Ground Lease and Campus Co-ops Handbook agreements
  • Collect and file low-income verification forms
  • Maintain the applicant information pages of SCHA’s website

Academic Coordination

  • Support student-led academic activities through logistical planning and organization
  • Serve as an academic resource linking students to relevant professors, organizations, and groups on campus that can support their goals
  • Create and maintain a portfolio showcasing academic projects at the Tri Co-ops and Domes 
  • Provide continuity by supporting the transfer of projects from departing residents to incoming residents
  • Facilitate experiential learning exchanges between SCHA co-ops and allied organizations


  • Coordinate Environmental Health and Safety Inspections annually, and Fire Inspections twice a year, with the University
  • Coordinate monthly University walkthroughs and meetings
  • Attend monthly SCHA board meetings (Tuesday evenings)
  • Attend Tri Co-ops Community meetings (Monday evenings) once per month
  • Attend Domes Community meetings (Monday evenings) at least once per month
  • Attend meetings and support the work of committees you have been assigned to work with
  • Meet regularly with other SCHA staff

Preferred skills/experience

  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Record keeping
  • Budgeting
  • Internship coordination
  • Professional communication
  • Community organizing
  • Consensus-based groups
  • Working with board of directors
  • A commitment to good communication, fair decision making, and an ongoing willingness to learn


To apply

Email your resume and cover letter to generalmanager@schadavis.org


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