Maintenance Coordinator

Madison Community Cooperative
Madison, WI

The Maintenance Coordinator's (MC's) role is to function as the manager of Madison Community Coop's (MCC's) physical properties, and MCC's maintenance administration.

The MC is responsible for overseeing the completion of all approved projects, handling maintenance emergencies, developing the annual maintenance budget, and communicating maintenance needs to the members. The MC works in conjunction with the Maintenance Officer(s) (MO) and Lead Worker Group Person (LWGP) in the hiring of worker group members and hires contractors or outside workers to keep MCC houses up to code, safe, dry, warm and attractive. The MC sees to it that all necessary preventative maintenance of buildings is completed as needed by house members (hired when necessary), contractors or other workers. She provides information to the Board of Directors (BoD) and Coordinating Committee (CoCo) about the condition of all MCC properties. The MC works closely with House Maintenance Coordinators (HMC) and house members, informing and empowering them to maintain and improve their buildings.


Primary Priorities:

  • Complete annual house inspection with the MO and HMC and make recommendations for major and minor projects, in preparation for the annual MCC Maintenance Budget.

  • Communicate regularly with MO and HMC regarding house’s upcoming and current maintenance problems and projects and consult them when an emergency arises. Assist the MC in the evaluation and decision of how to solve the problem at hand in a timely manner, taking into consideration the impact of any solutions on the MCC budget and cash flow.

  • Maintain maintenance spending in a way that is consistent with the maintenance budget.
  • Draft the Annual Maintenance Budget with the Maintenance Committee and the MO for presentation to the Finance Committee, the BOD, and the Membership at large in time for budget decisions to be made.

Secondary Priorities:

  • Work closely with the MCC elected MO with the goal of enabling them to effectively chair the MCC Maintenance Committee and perform their function as liaison between the Maintenance Committee and the BOD

  • Exercise final authority to hire and fire Worker Group employees, according to budgetary constraints and other necessities. Supervise, coordinate, teach, assist, and be responsible for all work performed by WG.
Orient MO to the policies and practices of MCC maintenance procedures. Update policy with MO assistance as necessary.

  • Keep and update an annual and monthly calendar of scheduled project beginning and estimated completion dates.
  • Maintain the MCC Maintenance vehicle and make it available to members who meet the criteria upon request.


Primary Priorities:

  • In conjunction with the LWGP and HMC’s, recommend, plan, and oversee all major maintenance projects, contact contractors for bids and hire, secure proper permits from the City of Madison Building Inspection Department, purchase and deliver supplies, and do whatever is necessary to complete jobs in a timely and competent manner while staying within the parameters of the MCC maintenance budget.

Be available by phone during reasonable hours to offer assistance and advice as the situation demands to any MCC member in case of maintenance emergencies in their house.

  • Actually perform maintenance whenever necessary.

  • Assist and teach house members and HMC’s how to complete minor maintenance projects when they lack the necessary skills and those skills are not easily taught.

Communicate with or meet individually with HMC’s at least twice a month. Be available to inform the HMC’s of the skills necessary to perform routine and preventative house maintenance as defined by the House Maintenance Checklists.

Secondary Priorities:

  • Along with WG administer and maintain the tool room and inventory by purchasing and keeping track of needed tools which are impractical for individual houses to own and which are necessary for the WG and MC’s own work.

  • Along with LWGP administer the MCC maintenance library by purchasing, and providing access to, educational materials (i.e. books and videos) and make them available to all members of MCC, upon request.


Primary Priorities:

Attend at least the first-half of one BOD meeting each month and any other meetings as directed by either the President or the MO.
  • Attend all Maintenance Committee meetings, Social Justice Center BOD meetings, and any Coordinating Committee, BOD, Finance Committee, Staff Review, General Membership, and other ad hoc meeting as directed by the MO and/or MCC President(s) with 24 hours advance notice prior to meeting.

Secondary Priorities:

  • Provide written reports to the BOD before all meeting dates on specified maintenance areas outlined in this agreement, including an accounting of the major accomplishments and activities performed in the appropriate time period.
  • Provide Committee with updated budget and project schedules, provide technical assistance when requested, inform members of consequences of decisions (or non-decisions), provide information on maintenance policy, initiating new policy when appropriate, and assist MO in conducting smooth, efficient meetings.


Primary Priorities:

  • Provide assistance to Finance Coordinator in the coding and paying of maintenance bills, as necessary.

  • Maintain records of the following:

Contractor lists, estimates, and agreements

Annual Budget Tour results

House Maintenance Checklists

Completed logs of members’ maintenance hours

Major maintenance schedules and records

WG applications and contract agreements

Building and fire code violations
Warranty information for major house purchases

Building permits for repairs until no longer needed

Any other documents necessary for keeping track of crucial house maintenance history

Secondary Priorities:

  • Maintain a timesheet with hours worked and duties performed for quarterly inspection by the (Finance/Membership/Maintenance) Officer in order to obtain feedback about priorities and effectiveness.
 Submit a time log with total hours worked each week along with vacation, holiday and sick time usage and balances for inclusion in the (Finance/Membership/Maintenance) packet on a quarterly basis.
 Provide a copy of said time log to the Finance Coordinator on a quarterly basis for the express purpose of determining staff vacation payable balances.

Update House Maintenance Checklists, send them to each HMC quarterly, and enforce the completion and return of the Checklist.
  • Perform the office and administrative work necessary to keep the MCC office in satisfactory operating condition, including answering phone calls and the MCC mail, organizing and filing information, and keeping the office clean and organized.


  • Help MCC set prudent organizational development goals and expectations. Work with the Membership Coordinator and other interested staff, officers, and members to purchase and set up new cooperatives for MCC as directed by the development committee, coordinating committee, board and/or general membership. This work will mainly include researching potential new properties and estimating construction or renovation costs, but may also include reaching out to coalition partners and directly negotiating with potential sellers.


As directed by the Coordinating Committee, the MC will further the principle of cooperation among cooperatives by sharing information and resources with existing housing cooperatives, developing working relationships with community resource people, and working for the improvement of communications and/or services between MCC and other cooperatives.

  • As directed by the Coordinating Committee, the MC will act as a liaison between MCC and appropriate city and neighborhood agencies, non-profit, for-profit, and cooperative agencies.


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