Multiple Positions

Circle Pines Center
Delton, MI

We are hiring for all positions at Circle Pines Center summer camp! We are looking for everybody from: kitchen staff, unit counselors, work project leaders, health officers, cleaning specialists, and camp co-director!  Please apply with the form below.

We want to keep you safe while you work at CPC Summer Camp 2021.  We will be implementing a variety of mitigation measures such as: getting our summer staff access to the vaccine ASAP, providing assistance with testing 72 hours prior coming to camp, repeated rapid testing onsite (not the painful one though!), running camp outside, multiple staff lounges, running at a lower capacity, and pod-based activities.  If there are other things that would help you feel comfortable working at camp, please let us know!  We are offering a summer completion bonus this year.

Circle Pines Center hires support staff and seasonal positions to maintain the level of service and quality that our friends, members and camp families have come to expect. The positions described below are full-time, year-round. As a full-time seasonal CPC employee, a portion of your compensation will come in the form of room and board. Most full-time staff live on the property and keep irregular, albeit flexible, hours.

A crucial component of each position at Circle Pines is extending hospitality towards our members and guests during weekend events. Each position will also require involvement in summer camp programs (June-August). Interaction with youth and volunteers will be a large part of your position.



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