UKSHA/POOCH - Internal Development Intern

Co-op / Organization: 
Lawrence, KS
Type of Organization: 
Housing Cooperative
Brief Description of Organization: 

Located in the heart of Lawrence, KS, People's Owned and Operated Collective House (POOCH) is a not-for-profit organized by its members with the mission to develop and support sustainable cooperative communities. Established in the early 1970’s, POOCH has a rich history in Lawrence; the organization has played a role in the social and political environment of the city, often linking members to the broader community of Lawrence and cooperatives around the world.

Each of the three POOCH cooperative houses, Sunflower House, Olive House, and Ad Astra, have a unique and ever-changing culture. The houses were historically geared towards students but currently include a mix of members of all backgrounds. All three are located in the Oread neighborhood and are within walking distance of Lawrence’s historic downtown, grocery store, hardware store and the University of Kansas main campus.

Number of Members: 
Number of Staff: 
Dress Code: 
Position Title: 
Internal Development Intern
Position Duties: 

Are you passionate about growing the cooperative movement? Have you always wanted to plan and execute a fundraiser for a great cause? Does the idea of a well organized filing system really take you there?

If selected as UKSHA/POOCH’s Internal Development Coordinator, you will spend the summer collaborating with members and staff to create a fundraiser framework and plan. The Internal Development Coordinator will work with UKSHA/POOCH Staff and community members to plan a fundraiser over the course of the summer and execute it as their final project. In addition, you will be asked to establish a digital and paper filing system with the help of the Director of Finance and Operations.

Depending on your specific interests and skills, there are also opportunities to create a Conflict/Resolution framework for all houses within UKSHA/POOCH. This position is very much a collaboration between you and UKSHA/POOCH.

You will work with the Board of Directors, Staff, and our members to complete projects throughout the summer.

You will be sowing the seeds that will help our cooperative community blossom for years to come!


  • Establish and maintain a long-term paper filing system
  • Establish and maintain a long-term digital filing system
  • Sort through Old Staff Drive and place into appropriately organized New Drive
  • Develop and execute a fundraiser within the summer
  • Maintain communication with Co-Directors Including weekly check-ins and monthly meetings to evaluate progress towards goal.

If time permits:

  • Establish, and identify volunteers for, a single Conflict/Mediation committee for the three houses Other responsibilities as directed by Director of Member Services and/or Director of Finance and Operations
Position Training: 

The Internal Development Coordinator will receive a personal orientation including attending meetings at all three houses and observing decision-making at the Board level. 

The Internal Development Coordinator will attend training meetings with both Staff, in addition to being provided participation in any trainings or workshops offered to Membership during the time of their stay.

Skills Development & Learning: 
  • Greater understanding of accounting filing practices of a 501(c)3 organization

  • Greater understanding of event planning/logistics

  • Greater understanding of housing cooperatives function and definition

  • Interpersonal communication

Other details of working conditions: 
Shared office with other two staff in Sunflower House, must have own computer
Compensation ($): 
Total Stipend $640
Room Included?: 
Board Included?: 
Relocation Stipend?: 
Working Hours: 
Total Hours of Work Per Week: