Translator/Editor Collaborator

Caracol Language Co-op

The Translator/Editor Collaborator is someone who works with Caracol Language Coop. as an independent contractor. They translate written pieces from English to Spanish (and vice versa), making sure to maintain their original meaning, format, and tone while applying principles of Language Justice within a framework of social justice. This is an independent contractor offer on an as-needed basis, with a varying range between 0 to 10,000 words per month, depending on demand. The Translator/Editor Collaborator may accept or turn down the jobs offered as their availability permits and is under no obligation to meet any minimum requirements of work performed.


Translator/editor responsibilities include reading and thoroughly understanding the context of given material, using specialized dictionaries and translation tools, and proofreading finished pieces of work. To be successful in this role, you should have a keen eye for detail. The Translator Collaborator will translate/edit meeting notes, legal documents, political/policy reports and related materials, event flyers, and another wide array of documents. 

The Translator Collaborator must be able to work well under pressure to meet demanding deadlines and react quickly to solve complex linguistic issues as they arise. The Translator/Editor Collaborator should follow Caracol Language Cooperative guidelines and standards as established. The Translator Collaborator should have an extended knowledge of the terminology used in organizing, social movements, nonprofit management, health, law, labor, union and cooperative economics, and be able to work independently in a fast-paced environment. Caracol Language Translators Collaborators must effectively be able to handle intercultural interactions and identify potential communication barriers that could interfere with the exchange of information between participants, facilitators, organizations’ staff and be equipped to advise and handle a broad range of situations with a sensitive perspective that takes into account class, gender, literacy levels, race, and myriad other power dynamics to contribute to the exercise of Language Justice. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Translating documents/materials from English to Spanish, and vice versa

  • Editing content that has been translated for grammar, punctuation, and accuracy on a wide variety of topics for diverse audiences 

  • Ensuring translation is culturally appropriate for its specific audience, including phrasing and vocabulary

  • Meeting regular submission deadlines

Required Qualifications

  • Complete fluency in both English and Spanish (native or near-native proficiency in both languages), with a particular connection to U.S. English and Latin American Spanish

  • Possessing strong translation skills, demonstrated through

    • Education/certification in translation, OR

    • A minimum of 2-3 years of experience in professional translation, OR

    • Ideally, a combination of both: education and experience.

  • Having reliable access to a computer, phone, and internet connection, and being able to work remotely

  • Connecting to and having a commitment to working with communities of color, immigrants, low-income folks, indigenous communities, LGBTSTGNC, youth and young adults, and women of color

  • Being technologically savvy: word, pdf, excel, google platforms, document sharing platforms, google, adobe, etc.

  • Committing to preserving good relationships with clients

  • Understanding profoundly how power dynamics function in diverse communities in general, and communities of color in particular

  • Having sensibility and knowledge of U.S experiences of migration through a lens of social justice, anti racism, anti gender violence, anti homophobia & transphobia

  • Being reliable, responsible, and punctual

  • Possessing excellent email communication skills

  • Consistently acting with kindness and empathy

  • Demonstrated experience in working within autonomous collaborative environments

Important Qualifications

  • Committed to principles of social justice, understanding the role of community interpretation and translation as a form of Language Justice and a political practice in the greater social movement

  • Excellent communication skills 

  • Adaptable and able to navigate diverse intercultural spaces

  • Understanding of power dynamics in complex scenarios of organizing spaces and political debates

  • Flexible, while both able and eager to take initiative

Desirable Qualifications and Skills

  • Empathy and Kindness

  • Humble

  • Intuitive

  • Self-starter

  • Sense of humor

  • Able to plan work effectively and strategically, in a timely manner

  • Solution-oriented

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