Wellness/HABA Retail Manager

Weavers Way Cooperative Association
Philadelphia, PA

Weavers Way Co-op is looking for an energetic, creative and experienced individual to join our team as Wellness Manager for our Across the Way Mt. Airy location. Across the Way is part of our Mt. Airy store and features health and beauty products, distinctive gift items and an extensive line of vitamins, supplements, and natural remedies. Candidates for this position must have retail management experience and strong product knowledge of vitamins, natural supplements, alternative health and wellness products and a background which includes both purchasing and merchandising expertise. Weavers Way is a passionate, community-driven cooperative organization that seeks to bring people together to share their ideas and work towards a common goal. We are looking for someone who is deeply caring about people, has management and retail experience, and is highly knowledgeable about health and wellness products.


Purpose and Scope: Operate the coop's Mt. Airy location Wellness department by managing all department resources and activities




Product: Research, purchase, price, display, account for, and otherwise find and sell products in line with our standards and which will achieve sales, margin, and member and shopper satisfaction goals. Find trustworthy vendors and maintain good relationships. Communicate with shoppers regarding the use and value of products, vendors and ingredients. Ensure department is merchandised in accordance with the needs of the community; maintain shelf allocations to ensure the availability of products at all times.


Managing Staff: Select, train, supervise, schedule, review, and otherwise manage staff within WW HR guidelines to ensure staff are knowledgeable, productive, safe, enjoy their jobs, and serve our customers well. Act as a role model for staff through professional conduct. Utilize huddles, Snapshots, development opportunities, and similar mechanisms as appropriate to aid performance. Create and maintain culture of understanding of goals and accountability for goal achievement.


Customer Service: Ensure customers have enjoyable and satisfactory shopping experiences and positive general interactions with staff and co-op as whole. Communicate and educate customers through a variety of means about our products and our product philosophy including in person interactions, signs, displays, The Shuttle, e-news, web site, social media, events, and other mechanisms as appropriate. Seek, incorporate, and respond to customer feedback regarding products and services.


Fiscal Responsibility: Ensure WW money is spent as appropriate and as planned for purchases, payroll, and expenses related to operating the department. Manage product handling, ordering, receiving, inventory levels, category management, and pricing so as to achieve sales, cost, income and other goals as set by management. Review reports that illustrate financial performance, take actions as appropriate.


Operations: Manage day to day operations including creating and managing schedules, task lists, communication mechanisms, processes, and performance standards as appropriate. Aid Accounting, IT, POS, HR, Communication, Purchasing, and other departments as appropriate to assist in overall co-op functioning, including tracking invoices, product information, department expenses, and related financial and administrative operations. Utilize and maintain physical resources such as building, equipment, vehicles, etc. as appropriate to achieve department goals. Ensure staff understand concepts, goals, practices, and procedures such that department functions in effective manner.

  • Ensure that department facilities including shelves, displays, equipment, work, and storage areas are clean, function well, are orderly, efficient, and meet health department standards.
  • Ensure standards for safety, proper food and non-food handling practices, sanitation, productivity, and waste management. Ensure any training and / or related certificates happen for staff and are maintained for department employees as useful.
  • Ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal laws, standards, and practices related to operating Wellness departments.
  • Operate with consciousness of E6 “The local environment will be protected and restored.” Choose packaging and processes with this in mind.

Marketing: Implement promotional programs, merchandising and pricing plans in coordination with WW Marketing Department. Participate and cooperate with any NCG and/or vendor-based marketing programs.

  • Arrange for product samplings and demos.
  • Write articles for WW media to educate members/community on related topics.
  • Work with the Marketing department to create signage highlighting producers, and informational tools for shoppers and staff.
  • Ensure day to day department appearance meets or exceeds standards.


  • Maintain working knowledge of personnel reports, margin reports, weekly sales numbers and related financial and customer service measures.
  • Participate in overall store and Co-op management.
  • Understand and comply with current Staff Policy Manual.
  • Understand and comply with all specific store procedures and practices.
  • Utilize specified communication mechanisms for corporate and job related information sharing.
  • Understand and comply with WW Policy Governance model as it pertains to Board of Directors.
  • Maintain any required and/or helpful professional certifications.
  • Understand and comply with all legal and safety laws, practices, and procedures. Aid entire store and co-op in compliance with Health Department compliance, OSHA compliance, insurance requirements, DOT compliance and other relevant compliances.
  • Help protect WW assets including proper use and maintenance of facilities including buildings, equipment, vehicles, etc.

Other related duties as assigned.


Cover letter and resume required for consideration.

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