2015 Staff and Managers Conference

March 30th - 31st, 2015 | Austin, TX

Participants will meet in downtown Austin on Monday, March 30th and Tuesday, March 31st to engage in two full days of workshops and networking with Staff and Managers of housing co-ops and representatives of the cooperative sector in Austin.

Austin, TX has five housing cooperatives that are NASCO members, ranging in size from 12 to over 500 members - the conference location is within walking distance of ICC Austin and College Houses, and a short bus ride from Whitehall, Community Housing Expansion of Austin (CHEA), and Rosewood Co-op.

The conference will offer a mix of structured workshops as well as longer and shorter lecture-and-discussion style sessions. Participants will be invited to present on their achievements and projects.

Conference Logistics

The conference will be held at the Mitte Carriage House, located at 1008C West Avenue, Austin, TX 78701 (map). Workshops will be all day on Monday the 30th, followed by a group dinner (cost included in registration), and until 5pm on Tuesday the 31st. For further information about food, housing and transportation, please follow this link.

Registration & Conference Fees

Registration fees are assessed on a per-co-op basis rather than a per-attendee basis. NASCO Member Co-ops are asked to pay only $200 USD, and may send as many attendees as they desire; non-member rates are $250 USD per co-op.

Deadline for registration and payment is Monday March 16, 2015.

NASCO Active Member: $200 USD (per co-op)
Non-member: $250 USD (per co-op)

Conference fees include breakfast, coffee, tea, snacks, and dinner on Monday evening. Hotel and lunch costs are not included. Please mail checks or money orders in U.S. funds payable to:

attn: Rek Kwawer
330 S Wells St., Suite 618-F
Chicago, IL 60606

Cancellations after March 25, 2015 will result in a $50 USD non-refundable fee.

For more information, please contact Morgan Crawford at 630-340-2446 or morgan@nasco.coop.