As a nationwide co-op system organized on a democratic basis, NP is governed by a board of directors empowered to make all decisions regarding NP corporate affairs. Board level decisions include the purchase, renovation and sale of property, budget approval, and creating policies, among others. The board also monitors the financial performance and management of NP and its leasing co-ops and takes actions when necessary.

Each coop that participates in NASCO Properties appoints a representative to the NP board.  To keep NASCO Properties and the rest of the NASCO Family closely linked and to provide an outside perspective, there are board appointees from other NASCO Family boards: NASCO appoints one member, and three come from NASCO Development Services (a.k.a. the Campus Cooperative Development Corporation). 

It should be mentioned that as a closely held affiliate of NASCO, the board of NP is actually appointed by the NASCO board, and the representatives from each group are actually nominated rather than appointed. However, the NASCO board has established a negative check-off system, which means that appointments stand unless vetoed by the NASCO board.  This balances the legal status of NP as a child corporation of NASCO with the intent to operate democratically as a "coop of coops".  

For more detailed information on the governance of NASCO Properties, please refer to the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the organization.