Working Vision Statement


1. The mission of NP is to increase the opportunities available for cooperative living throughout the United States.

  • This is primarily accomplished by the ownership of properties, which are leased to autonomous housing cooperatives. NP will continue to expand its holdings in order to increase the number of buildings available for use as cooperatives, and in order to assure the long term stability of the organization.
  • NP will serve as a permanent guardian of cooperative housing stock. NP will also serve and as a source of guidance to cooperatives which lease NP buildings, and as a way for cooperatives to share solutions and best practices with one another.


2. NP allows cooperatives to be successful through several mechanisms:

  • First, NP is governed by a board of directors that shall be at least 51% composed of representatives from leasing cooperative organizations. This protects the interests of leasing cooperatives and supports the cooperative principle of democratic member control.
  • Second, NP allows cooperatives to develop local governance of cooperative life, without interference from universities or profit driven real estate interests.
  • Third, NP allows cooperative members to participate in the aspects of ownership that involve responsibility and service while de-emphasizing the interpretation of ownership that involves contribution of capital. (This is intended to allow cooperative development among a group, such as students and youths, where capital is scarce but leadership is abundant.)
  • Fourth, NP shall maintain the physical stability and value of its holdings through management of maintenance funds, thus ensuring the continued and durable availability of buildings for use by local cooperatives.


3. NP shall be governed according to a principle of service to the leasing cooperatives as follows:

  • NP shall be operated on a non-profit basis, and shall seek to charge lease rates that reflect the costs of holding the properties.
  • NP shall always attempt to operate with thriftiness and savings that can be passed on to cooperatives, and thereby maintain permanently affordable housing rates for individual members.
  • NP shall maintain personnel with sufficient resources and expertise to guide cooperatives with their development and education needs.
  • NP is committed to the expansion of holdings for the use both of existing NP cooperatives and of new cooperatives. This expansion shall be funded primarily by the use of the accumulated equity of NP.


4. NP cooperatives shall have an understanding of their role in NP as partners committed to the common good of all NP cooperatives.

  • NP cooperatives shall have a goal of mutual aid and undertake partial responsibility for the management and expansion of NP.