Apply to Lead a NASCO Institute Session 2020

The 2020 NASCO Institute theme is Choose your own Future. Currently, cooperatives are facing uncertainty as all of us are in this new reality.  We are focusing on our commitment to a brighter future. Cooperatives are full of imagined possibilities and real solutions to problems of the present and the future. This year we will bring together cooperators to bring to life the future we want to see.

We are seeking workshops on the following course tracks:

Future of cooperatives

Workshops offering alternative models for cooperation (funding models, ownership models, building, etc.) Help us imagine the future of cooperatives with your workshop proposal.

Co-op Basics

We will accept co-op basic skills workshops outside of these suggestions but below are some core skills that we are looking for.

  • Facilitation

  • Finance

  • Chore systems

  • Board roles

  • Kitchen management ( especially safety and hygiene)

  • Communication

  • Conflict resolution / Member Management

Coming through Crisis

A workshop for this track would include solutions that your co-op has implemented to solve housing instability in your co-op. This could be a crash course on your cooperative’s solution to COVID or an entirely different Crisis. We welcome workshops or even some discussion-based ideas for this track as we are all learning as we go how to come through crisis together.

Technology in Cooperatives 

Teach us how to use your co-op's favorite tools! ( spreadsheets for budgeting, Timesheet tools for staff, communication during COVID, etc.) Workshops answering the question ‘How can I improve my co-op’s functionality with technology?’

Applied Anti-oppression

We will accept Anti-oppression workshops outside of these suggestions but below are some core skills that we are looking for.

  • Anti-racism 

  • Co-op accessibility 

  • Economic accessibility ( sliding scale rent, rent funds, payment plans, Co-op tools for serving as affordable housing) 

  • Building a Board that is anti-oppressive 

  • LGBTQIA+ safe cooperatives 

  • Harm reduction

  • Survivor resources and prevention resources for cooperatives

Cooperation Amongst Cooperatives

There are so many different types of cooperatives! Housing co-ops, worker co-ops, consumer co-ops, producer co-ops, and more! Workshops in this track can be about any type co-op! A workshop in this track could answer the question “How can my co-op cooperate with other cooperatives?’

Co-op Staff

This track is for Staff of cooperatives. A workshop in this track will be tailored for staff working with members to operate the cooperative. Skills like Member management, communication, board education, balancing work/life, and organizational planning all fit in this track.

Creating new Co-ops

NASCO provides a 6-part track walking attendees through the overall process of co-op organizing and development every Institute. Any additional workshops in this track would be targeted more at specific types or features of cooperative housing development, or opportunities therein additional development courses will be by invitation to present only. 

Learn more about this year's Institute.

Presenters are eligible for conference registration compensation. This year institute will be held remotely (online) and we will be accepting fewer presenters due to the nature of the event.

The deadline to submit proposals has been extended to Tuesday, September 14, 2020.



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