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Since 1977, NASCO's Cooperative Education & Training Institute has been widely recognized as one of the most important training and networking opportunities available to members, directors, staff, and managers of group-equity cooperatives.

This year’s theme -  Cooperate Locally - will encourage us to take a look at how we have built cooperatives with and for our whole community. We will delve into the hard work of community organizing as well as the mindfulness it takes to co-create with existing communities when starting a new cooperative. 

Mark your calendar! Conference registration and scholarship applications will open on September 1st. 
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Member News

Join us in congratulating COUCH, who with help from NASCO, were recently able to expand into this lovely new house in Champaign, IL!!!

COUCH is a member of NASCO Properties, a "co-op of co-ops" across the US whose members support each other via finances and information.

Movement News

People of color are creating new kinds of cooperative cafes and restaurants in Oakland

In the East Bay, worker-owned, cooperatively run restaurants and cafes first came to prominence in the 1970s in Berkeley. But Oakland’s newest co-ops carry a more urgent political bent, borne out of decidedly different circumstances. 

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The Future of Food is in Cooperatives

Food Tank speaks with Narendra Varma, founder of Our Table Cooperative, a multi-stakeholder cooperative located in Sherwood, Oregon. 

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Resources for Your Co-op

The Fair Housing Act & Your Co-op

This infographic details which classes are protected under the U.S. Fair Housing Act and offers some examples of how housing discrimination may appear in your co-op. 

We recommend printing this as an 11x17" poster to hang in your meeting space so that you can easily reference it during house discussions! 

Upcoming Events

Free Webinar - Worker Coops: Organizing & Self Determination for Social Movements If you are a volunteer, staff, or board member of a social justice organization interested in learning more about worker cooperatives as a tool for grassroots, economic development, building workers' voice, and creating deeper impact for the communities you are working with, join this free webinar on July 31. Presented in both English and Spanish. 
At the NAHC Annual Conference in Miami, experts in housing cooperative law, governance, management, marketing, banking and more will share actionable insights you can use to better your housing cooperative and secure its future.
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