NASCO Institute 2018

Over 400 participants will converge on Ann Arbor, Michigan from November 2nd through 4th, 2018 to share ideas, learn new skills, and look at issues affecting the cooperative movement worldwide. This year we will also be celebrating 50 years of cooperation since NASCO began. 

Since 1978, NASCO's Cooperative Education & Training Institute has been widely recognized as one of the most important training and networking opportunities available to members, directors, staff and managers of group-equity cooperatives.

The annual NASCO Institute is always a one-of-a-kind opportunity to network with hundreds of cooperative leaders and employers, to caucus about pressing issues, and to work on building an inclusive and accessible cooperative movement.

A Legacy of Cooperation

This year's conference theme celebrates NASCO’s 50th anniversary, "A Legacy of Cooperation." As a movement, we exist because of those who came before us. This year we will be taking a look through history and the lessons learned from co-ops and inter-cooperative initiatives in the past. Co-ops large and small have lessons to be shared from co-op experiences of inter-cooperation, experiments in direct democracy, innovative projects in sustainability, building regional networks by supporting allied movements for justice, and so many unique projects that can be taken as case studies for this year’s gathering.
Learning opportunities…
  • Co-op Development Track - With the cost of living constantly on the rise, the demand for affordable housing solutions is greater than ever. NASCO has pulled together a team of experts to take future co-op founders through the process of starting a new housing co-op, from clarifying the initial concept to drafting your business plan. Workshops in this weekend-long series provide a comprehensive training on the development process.
  • Cooperative Skills Roundtables - Knowledgeable facilitators will guide discussion and give participants a chance to hear how folks in the room have dealt with challenges at their own co-ops.
  • Guerrilla Workshop Spaces - Sunday, attendees are welcome to self-organize and use either of two rooms that are designated solely for Guerrilla Workshops.
  • Detroit Tour - An additional fee of $30 USD per person, payable with registration, covers round trip transportation, local tour guides, and lunch.
  • Inter-Cooperative Council Tours - ICC Ann Arbor is made up of 19 unique houses. Join us on a tour led by ICC Ann Arbor members.
  • Identity-based Caucuses - Caucuses are spaces for participants from similar identities to share experiences, strategize, and build power. 
  • Annual General Meeting - The AGM is where NASCO members can voice their opinions and engage in NASCO’s governance. It is also the forum for active members to nominate and elect an Active Member Representative, who serves a one-year term on the NASCO board of directors.
Contribute to the Low-Income Scholarship Fund
Many cooperatives are unable to obtain proper training for lack of adequate resources. We established the Low-Income Scholarship Fund to provide assistance to individuals and co-ops of limited means to attend NASCO Institute. Help us generate the resources necessary to make this essential training available to cooperators of modest and low-income. Donate today!
More information about the conference will be posted online as it becomes available, and will be anounced in our newsletter.

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