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Commitment to Anti-Oppression

NASCO is committed to approaching our work with an anti-oppression framework, which means that all of our program content, resources, internal systems, and training materials are created with an anti-oppression lens. We are committed to undoing societal oppression through cooperative housing and facilitating economic transformation based in mutual aid. Through our work with cooperative organizers, we aim to address systemic barriers to housing and community-building so that our member co-ops can fully embody the cooperative principle of open and voluntary membership. 

Throughout NASCO's history, our housing co-ops and their members have stood firmly in solidarity with local and global movements for social, environmental, and economic justice. Some co-ops have participated in direct action to end patterns of systemic injustice, some have contributed to mutual aid work to support their community members, and some have prioritized building safer spaces within their own homes. NASCO supports our members to participate in movement work and continuously educate their communities on anti-oppression. We call on cooperative members, staff, leaders, and supporters to join us as we support social and economic justice movements across the globe and continue to shape the cooperative movement together.