Dear co-op alumni,

First of all, thank you. Thank you for your support of NASCO by continuing your involvement and staying in touch. Thank you for recognizing the unique qualities of the cooperative model in local and global communities. Thank you for spreading the word about NASCO programs to friends and family to increase our visibility. Thank you for being a cooperator for life. There are a number of options for you to remain connected with NASCO:


1) Connect on Social Media

NASCO maintains an active social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Slack. We have a growing NASCO Alumni Networking Group on LinkedIn. We would love to connect with you on any of these platforms. We’d also encourage you to start your own Facebook group with other alumni members of your own co-op!


2) Donate to NASCO's Scholarship Fund

After 50 years, NASCO continues to educate and organize an emerging generation of cooperators. To make the possibility of attending our Annual Cooperative Education and Training Institute a reality, we invite you to make a contribution to our scholarship fund. Scholarships are a critical way that NASCO demonstrates its commitment to furthering the cooperative movement. We invite our alums to help us give the power of learning and experience to even more students, more people of color, more queer and trans folx, and more people from low-income families who want to be part of our programs. Contribute today.


3) Hire and Mentor NASCO Co-op Members

Pass on your co-op experience, and consider mentoring or supervising a current NASCO Co-op member. As our membership base continues to cooperate, they look to others who can relate to their interests and help them take the steps necessary for future success.


Together, members of the NASCO Alumni Network help make our community of co-op alumni stronger than ever. Strengthen your relationship with the NASCO and take pride in knowing you'll support programs for alumni and co-opers now and into the future as a member. By completing this form you agree to your details being held electronically on the North American Students of Cooperation database and utilized by us to keep you informed on NASCO alumni news and updates.