The Health of Our Sector: An Aggregate Report of NASCO Member Co-op Health Assessments

In 2021, NASCO conducted interviews with 28 member co-ops using a standardized set of questions regarding several areas of co-op health: governance, legal obligations, finances, membership, education, maintenance, leadership, staffing, community engagement, and quality of life for members.

In this report, NASCO has aggregated the results of all co-op health assessments to offer an overall picture of our sector's health. The goals of this report include:

  1. Document and share best practices among different group equity housing cooperatives 
  2. Offer member co-ops a long-term outside view of their own growth
  3. Suggest goals to member co-ops that are not yet commonly adopted but which are emerging practices in member cooperatives

The report includes areas where co-ops are performing well, areas where there is room for growth, recommendations for member co-ops, how NASCO will respond to the needs seen here, examples to learn from, member missions, and trends across types of co-ops.