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Please provide a brief description of your organization's mission, programs, and services.

Please provide a brief description of the routine duties and overall deliverables for the position.

What kind of training will be provided to equip the intern to fulfill the position duties?

What skills or talents will the intern develop in this position?

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Hiring Point of Contact
Internship Supervisor
Who in the organization will guide and supervise the intern?
Fee Contract
NASCO, the executing organization of the Cooperative Internship Network, agrees to use its available resources to find a suitable intern, as outlined in the preferences stated in the Host Organization Application, for the Host Organization.
For Non-NASCO Members:
Non-NASCO member Host Organizations agree to pay a non-refundable deposit of $50 USD to NASCO with the submission of the application. 
If a suitable intern is found for the non-NASCO member Host Organization, the Host Organization will pay an additional $150 USD.
For NASCO Members:
Free participation in the Cooperative Internship Network is a member benefit for NASCO Active Member co-ops and Associate Member organizations. Activate or renew your NASCO membership here.
Host Responsibilities

By submitting this application, I acknowledge and agree to the following requirements of a Host Organization:

  • I am qualified and empowered to advertise this position on the behalf of my organization;

  • My organization is available to respond to questions from NASCO about this submission March 11-12, 2024;

  • My organization is available to conduct interviews with prospective applicants April 5-19, 2024;

  • My organization is available to attend up to three required virtual check-in calls for Host Organizations during the program (tentatively scheduled for June 18, July 23, and August 15, 2024);

  • When NASCO places an intern at my organization, my organization shall provide a contract that includes a written description of their position, compensation, timeline of employment, and the name of their assigned supervisor; before beginning employment, the intern and Host Organization shall sign the contract listing these items as well as a work plan for the duration of the internship;

  • My organization shall perform a formal mid-term evaluation and a formal final evaluation with the intern;

  • My organization shall inform the intern and NASCO promptly and in writing of any changes to their employment status, duties, timeline of employment, or assigned supervisor;

  • My organization is committed to providing a meaningful, respectful, and educational employment experience for our intern(s).

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