All 4 Each: Co-ops in the Classroom

The Ontario Co-operative Association has successfully re-introduced education about co-operatives into classrooms in a unique and fun way. This program, called All 4 Each: A unit to inspire a co-operative conscience, teaches students in business, civics, and world studies classes about the 7 principles, the triple bottom line, and other benefits unique to co-operative enterprise. We have created our own curriculum, and our lessons have become so popular that others are using them in classrooms across the country.
The Ontario Co-operative Association and its members work with all levels of the Ontario education system to create awareness of co-operative enterprise and educate young people regarding the benefits and opportunities the sector presents. On Co-op has developed projects, materials, and curricula to encourage young people to consider co-ops and credit unions as a viable business enterprise and career option.
Kerr Smith, On Co-op’s Education Manager and author of the program, has received international acclaim for his work on the project, and won the 2012 William Hlushko Award for Young Cooperative Educators from the Association of Co-operative Educators.
To learn more, and to download the All 4 Each lesson plans, click here.