Cooperative Movement

Expanding Citizenship: Workplace Democracy and Civic Engagement in Food Co-ops

Presented by Cecile Reuge (University of Vermont & Vermont Workers' Center)

In the 1880s, the Knights of Labor, known as largest labor union in the world at the time, organized a network of almost 200 industrial cooperatives across the United States. Today, the presence of labor unions is at an all-time low. Meanwhile the cooperative movement continues to grow, but in whose best interest? This resource will explore the history of food cooperatives within the broader context of cooperative and labor movements as well as workers rights in food consumer cooperatives.

History of Housing Coops

Presented at NASCO Institute by Jim Jones (Collective Seeds Consulting Cooperative)

A history of group housing cooperatives in North America. A look at both student and community based cooperatives, starting in 1873 and continuing to the present. How did we all get here? Why aren't there co-ops like ours in other countries? What events in our country have influenced and affected our cooperatives?

BSC Welcome to the Co-ops - Video

Berkeley Student Cooperative "Welcome to the Co-ops" orientation video.

An introduction to the history of the Berkeley Student Cooperative and how cooperative living keeps costs low and builds communtiy.

Discover the Co-operative Difference - flyer

"Discover the Co-operative Difference!"

The Canadian Co-operative Association's free, online orientation program for co-op staff, board, and members, this tool provides information about the principles and values of co-operatives, the landscape and scope of co-operatives across Canada and links to lots more information. The format is taking a walk down virtual co-op main street.

Un objet publicitaire du Réseau canadien de recherche sur les cooperatives

Bienvenue au Réseau canadien de recherche sur les coopératives - Réseau canadien de recherche Sur les coopératives

La CCRN-CRCR est votre passerelle vers la recherche sur les coopératives au Canada. Le but de ce site est de créer un réseau en ligne de chercheurs et de praticiens de coopération permettant l'échange d'idées, la recherche de partage, de collaboration, de déterminer les priorités de recherche et de créer un lien entre les chercheurs, les étudiants, les praticiens et les réseaux coopérative existante année toute l'année.

Canadian Co-operative Research Network Flyer

The CCRN-RCRC is your gateway to research on co-operatives in Canada. The goal of this site is to create an online network of co-operative researchers and practitioners that allows for idea exchange, research-sharing, collaboration, determining research priorities and creating a link between researchers, students, practitioners and existing co-op networks year-round.