Staff and Member Leadership Convening

Affordability and defining it for your co-op discussion guide

Cooperatives often include affordability in their mission and strive to maintain it. Members in the cooperative will all have different expectations and ideas of what this means when entering the cooperative. This discussion guide about affordability and defining it for your cooperative will help clarify member expectations and long-term planning for your cooperative.


This is a discussion guide that offers participants the opportunity to reflect on ways in which the cooperative movement does and does not support indigenous sovereignty, and to brainstorm how co-ops can uplift the land back movement. These slides provide a few discussion prompts and resources to continue the conversation in your co-op.

Cooperatives as a business and as a safety net

Co-ops are businesses designed to pool resources to serve a specific economic need of their current and future members. At the same time, co-ops hold a principle of Concern for the Community and often use those pooled resources contributed by individual members to serve as a social safety net for the membership collectively. This is a discussion guide that offers a few discussion prompts and some practices for balancing the tension between these goals.