Member Education & Training

All 4 Each: Co-ops in the Classroom

The Ontario Co-operative Association has successfully re-introduced education about co-operatives into classrooms in a unique and fun way.

Co-ops 101: An Introduction to Cooperatives (USDA)

This report provides a comprehensive summary of basic information on the cooperative way of organizing and operating a business. It covers the nature and extent of the use of cooperatives, compares cooperatives to other business structures, explains the roles various people play in a cooperative, and discusses equity accumulation and income taxation.

Group Decision Making Handbook

Table of Contents

1 What do you do when a dispute arises?
2 Communication Styles
Meeting Roles
3 Positive Group Roles
4 Negative Group Roles
5 Effective Meetings: Designated Meeting Roles
7 Influence in Groups
Meeting Process
8 Sample Agenda
9 Meeting Evaluation Sheet
10 The Four Roles of a Facilitator
11 Facilitation Tools

BSC Manager Accountability - Video

Berkeley Student Cooperative "Manager Accountability" orientation video.

In the co-ops, some members are elected to be managers at their house. These managers specialize in coordinating different parts of the house's operations, such as food service, maintenance, or social activities.

BSC Member Responsibilities - Video

Berkeley Student Cooperative "Member Responsibilities" orientation video.

As a co-op resident, there are a few basic responsibilities asked of all members that allow the organization to be member-run in a sustainable way.