Member Education & Training

Allyship Packet

An ally is a member of the "majority" group who works to end oppression in his or her personal life though support of and as an advocate for the oppressed population. This packet is full of action ideas and checklists for becoming a better ally.

Ally's Anti-Oppression 'Zine - 2 sided, folded

This 'zine was created in 2010 by NASCO's  Inclusion Committee of the Education Board. The intention is to encourage dialogue in co-operatives and democratic organizations to continue thinking critically about inclusion and anti-oppression and to engage in regular dialogue and reflection. If you have questions, suggestions or would like this resource in a different format, contact Erin Hancock at

Dealing with Problem Members

The four scenarios focus on staff strategies to member issues: debt and eviction, members making legal threats, members voting as a bloc in their interest, and bad publicity.  The scenarios are part of a workshop presented at the 2009 Staff and Managers Conference.

Fabric of Oppression in the U.S.

This table outlines eight types of oppression: Racism/White Supremacy, Sexism, Gender Oppression, Anti-Semitism, Religious Oppression, Heterosexism/Heterocentrism, Classism, Ableism, and Ageism.

It serves as a useful introduction to the forms that oppression takes in the U.S.