Member Education & Training

Anti-Oppression Keywords

Words that are frequently associated with various diversity topics. This list is designed to give all participants a clear understanding of how these words will be used during anti-oppression workshops.

Bulk Food Recipes

One of the benefits of group living is the ability to share resources in a more efficient way. This is a small collection of recipes which can be made with inexpensive ingredients and in little time, using coop labor. These recipes are aimed at people without significant culinary training, and are intended to be foods which can keep for a long time. Enjoy!

Basics of Consensus

A decision-making process that many co-ops use is consensus. Consensus is a process of building united judgment whose purpose is not to avoid conflict but to bring out all opinions and perspectives. Each position has a responsibility to present facts and perceptions which are not being considered, to explain her or his position clearly and rationally, and to question the other positions so as to reach full understanding of their positions.

Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

Coops, like many non-profits, often have their board members come from a layperson background.  While we typically use this as a strength, allowing for ordinary people to become involved and gain skills through service to their community, there are certain duties which are nearly universally required of board members.  Fortunately, these duties are common-sense enough that they are approachable by anyone. This document is the written portion of a workshop presented by NASCO staff to member coops about how new board members can approach their roles on the board, and make sure to keep up with