Alex Green
ICC Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI
Alex has worked as the Finance Director at ICC Ann Arbor and is a four-year alumnus of the cooperative, having served as President and VP of Finance/Treasurer while there. Alex currently sits on the NASCO Education and NASCO Development Services boards, is a former member of the NASCO Properties board, and has visited many student housing coops. He also played a key role in the creation of Ann Arbor’s student food stand. He currently works for Human Rights Watch in New York City.
Ellie Benedict
ICC Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI
Gamal Smith
Diversity Congress
Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives
Roxbury, MA
Henrik Tucker
College Houses
Austin, TX
Izzy Brace
Greensboro Mural Project
Baltimore, MD
Jennifer E. Scott
River City Housing Collective
Iowa City, IA

Jenn is an introverted recluse who is forced out into public a few times each year. When having to be out and about, making good use of time ends up being a priority. This is done by sharing the hobbies and skills that have been honed over the years. In addition to a Netflix addiction, the imagination of a social life via the interwebs, solving crossword puzzles as if there were a paycheck involved, and far too much time spent trying to bake without the usage of grains; these talents include mediation and presentations as former clergy, social justice work, and representing the Diversity Congress as a member of the NASCO Education Board, currently via the role of President.

Kiyomi De Zoysa
Santa Barbara Student Housing Cooperative
Isla Vista, CA
Lana Wong
Waterloo Co-operative Residence Inc.
North York, ON
Maya Menlo
ICC Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI
Maya joined the NASCO Board in 2015 and is excited to see what her three-year term brings. She has previously served as Ann Arbor Inter-Cooperative Council (ICC) President, ICC Vice President for Membership, and ICC Board Representative. She spent three incredible years residing in Benjamin Linder Cooperative House. Maya is currently working toward her J.D. at Yale Law School.
Meg Seidel
NASCO Properties
Community Housing Expansion of Austin
Austin, TX
Meg Seidel is a filmmaker/photographer based out of Austin, Texas whose work is featured on PBS.  Meg  has been an active member of Cooperative organizations since 2005, and has served as a number of officer positions ranging from food buyer to video historian.  She currently serves as CHEA's (Community Housing Expansion of Austin) NASCO Properties Board Representative and is the NASCO Properties Board Representative to the NASCO board.
Scarlett McIntosh
Berkeley Student Cooperative
Berkeley, CA
Scarlett has lived communally in households ranging from 5-50 people, ages 3-40, intentions from substance free to anti-oppression, and from Philadelphia to Cape Town, South Africa. A large portion of those experiences were spent in the Berkeley Student Cooperative starting in 2012 where she was introduced to NASCO Institute. Post-BSC, Scarlett participated in the NASCO Cooperative Internship Network in Philly introducing a broader perspective to the co-op movement and co-ops in other sectors. Scarlett is currently serving a 3-year term on NASCO Board. Scarlett lives and works as a teacher for adults with disabilities in the Berkeley/Oakland area and daydreams about being a midwife and organizing a Reproductive Justice Co-op.
Syd Burke
Development Officer
MSU Student Housing Cooperative
East Lansing, MI
Topaz Hooper
People of Color Caucus Chair
Boulder Housing Coalition
Boulder, CO
Topaz Hooper is co-op loving multicultural educator in Saint Petersburg, FL but originally from Boulder/Denver, CO. She likes hosting workshops that promote inclusion, playing the ukulele, and writing poetry on her free time. She enjoys working with NASCO as the Vice President, Inclusion Committee chair and the NASCO Properties Rep. 
Tristan Laing
Campus Cooperative Residence, Inc
Toronto, ON