NASCO Development Services

NASCO Development Services (formerly known as Campus Cooperative Development Corporation, or CCDC) is the arm of the NASCO family set up to help with the development of coops.  Our goal is to help to create resident-controlled, affordable housing co-operatives - usually student, youth, or campus-oriented.  

To make this happen, NASCO Development Services provides education, outreach and project management support to existing and new cooperatives - through individuals, groups, and developers. This can include the formation of new housing cooperatives, or the improvement of existing ones through refinancing or physical improvements to the cooperative.  NASCO Development Services assists new or existing co-ops in obtaining primary and gap financing, as well as permanent funding and refinancing packages, usually on a fee-for-service or success fee basis. 

The NASCO Development Services program is governed by a board representing established campus and community co-ops, which provide a majority of the funding used for the development work of NDS. NASCO Development Services meets twice per year to review development goals and achievements.

Because NDS’s mission is to expand access to higher education and economic opportunity, NASCO Development Services aim to support proactively those groups who have been underserved – including low-income, minority, differently-abled, working, and re-entry students. NDS believes that cooperative development and cooperative living transform peoples’ lives by empowering and inspiring resident-members to make a difference.