Co-op Development Services

NASCO actively supports the development of new cooperatives. As part of our mission to grow the cooperative movement, we provide services to developing groups and build connections in the cooperative development ecosystem. 

NASCO can assist groups in creating a new housing cooperative (or expanding an existing cooperative) with a variety of services:

  • Community Education and Outreach
  • Skill & Knowledge Training for Developing Groups
  • Technical Assistance & Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Partnership Development
  • Dedicated Student Housing Cooperative Loan Funds

NASCO provides services to:

  • Groups trying to start a new co-op
  • Existing co-ops looking to purchase a property or expand
  • Co-ops that need to refinance loans or get new financing for major projects
  • Universities, municipalities, and non-profits interested in developing cooperative housing to serve their constituencies

To find out more about how NASCO can help your group, request a free initial consultation.

Many services can be provided free of charge, or on a "success fee" basis. NASCO's Development Services are supported through annual contributions from:

  • Boston Community Cooperatives
  • Boulder Housing Coalition
  • College Houses
  • Horizontal Housing
  • Houston Access to Urban Sustainability
  • ICC-Ann Arbor
  • ICC-UT Austin
  • Madison Community Cooperatives
  • Michigan State University Student Housing Cooperative
  • NASCO Properties
  • Santa Barbara Student Housing Cooperative