Technical assistance tailored to your co-op’s needs.

We provide cooperative business support built just for you. Consider us your go-to for assistance in establishing and growing your cooperative.


Policy and Operations Design

Review or draft policies or bylaws based on best-practices among group equity co-ops.

Financial Planning

We will guide your co-op in setting financial goals that will support your overall mission, then translate those goals into a multi-year plan. We will analyze your current and past financial performance and make recommendations for financial processes, cost savings, mission-aligned member rates, debt refinancing, and asset restructuring.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning should be an ongoing process, not just a document. It is only useful if it supports strategic thinking and leads to strategic management, and even more importantly, execution! Strategic planning is a management tool for several key purposes: to help an organization become more effective, to focus its energy, to ensure that members are working toward the same goals and to assess and adjust its direction in response to an ever-changing environment. During the entire process, we will work collaboratively to bring out the best in your organization.

Team and Community Building

Has your co-op lost that spark? Are member and/or staff leaders just phoning it in? Let us help you reconnect to the magic of cooperation, celebrate what you are already achieving, and fire up your vision of tomorrow.

Co-op Governance Assessment

Many co-op challenges stem from governance structures that are either not well defined or are not aligned with the current structure and function of the organization. We will review your governance and operational processes, observe board and membership meetings, and conduct interviews with members throughout the organization to evaluate the effectiveness of co-op governance processes.

Staff Relations

If you’re freaking out that your staff have gone off the rails, call us.
If you’re freaking out that your board has gone off the rails, call us.


Sometimes a conflict in a co-op gets stuck. Then it festers. It contaminates other issues and draws in people who normally try to “avoid drama.” Pretty soon, no one can see the forest for the trees. As a neutral third party, with broad experience in co-op conflicts, a NASCO mediator can breath fresh air into a tense situation and give all parties space to find the best path forward.

Expansion Projects

More co-ops! Whether exploring feasibility, designing a new building, or wrangling financing, you should take advantage of NASCO’s decades of experience in co-op development. Don’t let the day-to-day grind keep you’re co-op from realizing its dreams. NASCO is your partner to get the project done!

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