Staff and Board


Sonrisa Alter

Director of Education
(630) 340-2446‬

Sonrisa (she/they) attended Oberlin College mostly to join the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association, where she had heard there would be cuddle puddles, jello wrestling, and policy discussions at every meal. Four years and two executive officer terms later, she was neither sated with nor burned out on policy discussions (and still waiting on the jello wrestling!). Sonrisa went on to work as a NASCO intern, as staff at a collectively managed food co-op, and as an educator in various capacities. Sonrisa never grew out of wanting to be a bunch of disparate things "when they grow up" and is thrilled to meld their "professional co-oper" and "teacher" career aspirations as Director of Education. Sonrisa lives in and pursues a deep relationship with Portland, OR (Chinook land), where they were born and raised.

Contact Sonrisa for more information about NASCO events (including NASCO Institute and the Staff and Member Leadership Convening) and other educational programs.

Sonrisa's office hours are Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:30pm CT

Brel Hutton-Okpalaeke

Director of Development Services
(630) 890-3165

Brel (they/them) began their co-op journey in 2014 in Madison, Wisconsin as a member of Madison Community Cooperative, Madison Area Cooperative Housing Alliance, and the United People of Color Caucus. In their free time, Brel teaches at and serves on the board of the Madison Freewheel Bicycle Co. and is in the process of converting it to a worker-owned co-op. Brel sees cooperatives as one of the best ways to affect social change and actively fight gentrification and extractive economic practices. Brel strives to make sure that people of color in cooperatives are represented, supported, and respected by our co-ops. Brel believes in strategic, continual expansion of the co-op sector because we can change the world for the better with these things!

Contact Brel for inquiries regarding starting or incorporating a co-op; construction, financing or expansion of your existing co-op; lobbying; comparative financial analysis; and co-op sector research; investment in the Kagawa Fund; and to nominate members to the NASCO Development Committee.

Brel's office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm CT

Katherine Jennings

Director of Leadership Development
(708) 317-8608

Katherine (she/her) discovered her love for cooperatives started in 2011 when she moved into Ad Astra, an UKSHA cooperative and NASCO property in Lawrence, KS. Within her first week at Ad Astra, she knew that she had happened upon something special, but had no way of knowing how big of an impact it would have on her life. Over the next six years, she served on the UKSHA Board of Directors in various roles before becoming one of two Executive Staff. In addition to her work with cooperatives, Katherine's professional experience has focused on food justice and non-profit management. Katherine is an aspiring artist, a dedicated writer, and an accomplished daydreamer.

Contact Katherine for inquiries regarding co-op staff support, NASCO governance, working at NASCO, the Cooperative Internship Network, and the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program.

Katherine's work hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm CT

Daniel Miller

Director of Properties
(734) 945-2424

Having worked with coops at various stages of development as a volunteer, board member, and staff member, Daniel (he/him) now serves as the Director for NASCO Properties. As liaison to the board, he works to coordinate maintenance, governance, and budgeting for co-ops in the NASCO Properties system. Daniel also supports co-ops in responding to crises, long-term planning, and technical support.

Contact Daniel for inquiries regarding NASCO Properties, co-op staffing issues, budgeting, or concerns about housing discrimination and fair housing.

Daniel's office hours are Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:30pm CT

Maggie O'Connor

Director of Property Services
(734) 368-4634

NASCO welcomes Maggie O’Connor as our Director of Property Services, a newly created position focused on financial sustainability in NP co-ops through bookkeeping and technical assistance, local member support, training, and connecting co-op leaders with peers to share best practices. Maggie brings 8 years of experience in cooperatives to the role, including both officer and staff roles at the Inter-Cooperative Council of Ann Arbor, alongside recent experience serving on the NASCO Board of Directors.

Bronwyn Walls

Director of Community Engagement
(630) 400-5651

Bronwyn (she/they) serves as the Director of Community Engagement for NASCO. She first discovered co-ops in 2012 as a student in Austin, Texas and soon began to recognize the larger implications of the cooperative movement. Bronwyn is deeply inspired by the social, environmental, and economic impacts of community-oriented cooperative efforts as well as the profound personal impact that cooperatives can have on their members. Bronwyn is based in Bulbancha (New Orleans, LA), where she is involved in local housing justice organizing.

Contact Bronwyn for more information on NASCO membership, setting up a member visit or training at your co-op, and NASCO communications, partnerships, and fundraising.

Bronwyn's office hours are Monday 10am-6pm CT, Tuesday and Wednesday 9am-5pm CT, Thursday 9am-1pm CT, Friday 11am-3pm CT

NASCO Board Members

Dahlia Bekong
Shelby Bohannon
Tomi Chung
Bob Cook
Nolan Darilek
Josh Graham
Bryant Hepp
Vincent Mao
Della Moran
Sophia Penney
Trisha Qualy
Taliesin Ramos
Seven Rockhold
Jason Tompkins
Nicole Wires
Lana Wong

NASCO Properties Board Members

Finesse Haverly
Soop (Sophie) Kish
Tristan Laing
Shining Li
Ciaran Lyons
Vincent Mao
Danny Mauer
Peter Meyer Reimer
Anika Ochoa-Koritz
Seven Rockhold
Kathryn Solórzano Lowell
Jason Tompkins