What We Do

NASCO Cooperative Education and Training Institute

  • Our flagship annual conference of cooperators from across the continent.
  • NASCO Institute takes place every fall. Online registration opens in late summer.


Cooperative Leadership Certification

  • A year-long professional development program for those looking to advance their role or start their career in cooperative housing
  • Applications open in October, learn more here.


Staff & Managers Conference

  • A conference tailored to the unique needs of group-equity housing cooperative staff.
  • Staff & Managers Conference takes place every spring. Online registration opens in early spring.


Regional support

  • Support to local groups to organize regional gatherings of cooperators.
  • Interested in hosting a regional gathering? Contact us for a free consultation.


Cooperative Internship Network

  • A summer internship placement service connecting future co-op leaders with cooperative career opportunities.
  • The application to host a summer intern becomes available online in winter. The application for summer internships becomes available online in early spring.



  • Cooperative educational workshops.
  • Requesting a training? Contact us for a free consultation.



  • Technical assistance tailored to member co-op needs.
  • Needs technical assistance? Contact us for a free consultation.


Property leasing

  • NASCO Properties, a “co-op of co-ops,” is a system of properties across the US with the houses supporting one another with finances and information.
  • Interested in joining NASCO Properties? Contact us for a free consultation.



  • Support to groups starting new co-ops
  • For more assistance with your particular project, contact us for a free consultation.


Linking and networking

  • Organizing the voices of the North American co-op housing movement and the youth co-op movement
  • Have a collaboration in mind? Contact us and we'll do our best to connect you.


Online Shared Resource Library


Monthly newsletter

  • Our monthly newsletter reports on recent NASCO activities and the global cooperative movement.
  • Subscribe at www.nasco.coop/subscribe.