Contribute to the Low-Income Scholarship Fund

The NASCO Low-Income Scholarship Fund supports low-income emerging co-op leaders who would otherwise be unable to attend the Institute by offsetting their registration fees ($280 USD for members, $485 USD for non-members) and travel expenses ($50 to $400). This program allows NASCO to create a more economically and geographically diverse demographic of attendees by providing support to youth who live in remote locations and/or are not receiving organizational support. 

The costs of the Institute are kept low through partnerships with local co-ops to provide free housing and with student organizations to reduce the cost of university facilities, along with the generously donated time and expertise of Institute presenters. Member dues subsidize registration costs for NASCO member cooperatives. Many scholarship recipients are from small or developing cooperatives that have not yet joined NASCO and do not have institutional support for their attendance. Any amount contributed to the Low-Income Scholarship Fund will directly increase attendance, encourage diverse representation, promote leadership, and inspire new cooperative development. Whatever the amount, we appreciate your support.

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