Student Cooperative Housing Leadership Conference

June 20 - 22nd - Waterloo, ON

Event description


Over the course June 20 - 22nd the North American Students of Cooperation will be hosting an education and training conference for Staff, Managers and Student Leaders of student housing cooperatives. In two separate course tracks Students and Staff will learn the Cooperatives skills to build and sustain democratic student housing. This event will bring together seasoned cooperators and student organizers that would like to learn more about cooperative housing. Between workshops, Cooperators will tour Waterloo Cooperative Residence Inc. (WCRI) and network over dinner together. Free Cooperative housing will be provided by (WCRI) in limited supply. Registration opens April 1st.


Our best resources are each other.

If you would like to present a workshop for the staff or student track please submit a workshop proposal here.

Workshops can be activity centered or discussion centered or a mix of both. We are happy to work with you on ideas. If you are not sure if you would like to submit a proposal but are curious reach out to

Presenters will receive free registration. You may apply as a group but you will only receive one comped registration per workshop.

Conference fees in CAD are as follows

  • NASCO Active Member Co-op / Associate Member Organization Staff (up to 5 people): $200 CAD (first registrant)/ $150 USD, $60 CAD per additional registrant / $45 USD

  • Non-Member Co-op/ Organization (up to 5 people): $300 CAD (first registrant), $60 CAD per additional registrant / $45 USD

  • NASCO Active Member Co-op / Associate Member Organization Student (up to 5 people): $100 CAD (first registrant) / $75 USD

Non-Member Co-op/ Organization (up to 5 people): $150 CAD / $112.50 USD

Conference fees include breakfast, coffee, tea, snacks, and dinner on Friday evening. Free cooperative housing will be available on a first come first serve basis. Hotel and lunch costs are not included.

Due to the limitations of our payment system when you register online all payments will be in USD. To pay in CAD select pay later to receive a PayPal invoice or pay by check. 


June 20th, 2019 12:00 AM   through   June 22nd, 2019 12:00 AM
268 Phillip St
Waterloo, ON N2L 6G9
Event Fee(s)
NASCO Active or Associate Staff Member (first participant) $ 150.00
NASCO Active or Associate Member student leader $ 75.00
Non-Member Co-op Staff (first participant) $ 225.00
Non-Member Co-op student leader $ 112.50
Additional Staff Registrant (after registering first participant) $ 45.00