Who is the Board of Directors?

Our board of directors is composed of NASCO members, NASCO alumni, members of non-NASCO housing and worker cooperatives, and people no longer living in cooperatives but who remain active in the cooperative movement. NASCO’s Board consists of 12 individuals elected for three-year terms on a staggered basis, one Active Member Representative, elected by the Active Members at the NASCO Institute each year, one member selected by the NASCO Properties Board, one appointed representative from the People of Color Caucus, and two appointed caucus chairs: one chosen by the Diversity Congress at Institute and one chosen by the Board, based upon the changing needs and composition of the Board of Directors. The Diversity Congress and the People of Color Caucus have staggered two-year terms.


What does the board do?

NASCO’s Board of Directors, as in most cooperative organizations, sets the organization’s policies and direction. By nominating a candidate for the board, your co-op helps to set that direction. Our board members help keep us responsive to the needs of the co-op movement. If you’ve got ideas of where NASCO could be headed and want to help us get there or if you know someone who does, this is your way to get involved.


What are the responsibilities of a board member?

Board members are required to attend all board meetings: two annual in-person meetings and one conference call. The date and location of the next meeting will be announced shortly after the election results. Board members are expected to attend and help run the annual Cooperative Educational and Training Institute in November. We also have an informal in-person board meeting the day after Institute. Board members are expected to put in time between meetings. Some activities board members perform are: remaining active and engaged in committees, reporting to co-ops in their region, performing member visits, recruiting new members, teaching courses at the yearly NASCO Institute, and fundraising. Please see the board member job description on our website for more info.


How do we nominate someone?

Nominations can be made in three ways, as laid out in this section of the NASCO Bylaws:

Nomination to the Board may be made in any one of three ways:

A petition signed by five (5) Individual Members, provided that no individual signs more than one (1) petition in each election.

Nomination by an Active Member provided that no Active Member may nominate more than one (1) person by this method.

Nomination by two (2) Associate Members, provided that no Associate Member may participate in more than (1) such joint nomination each election.

Once someone is nominated, they must submit a candidate statement of their background and interests so that members may cast educated votes. 


Will we be responsible for the nominee's travel costs to and from board meetings?

Your cooperative could choose to cover your nominee's travel should they be elected. However, you are not required to do so. If not, they will be responsible for covering travel up to the deductible in the travel policy below. 

NASCO shall reimburse Directors for all travel expenses exceeding $200 in a given year, $150 for individuals who do not have institutional support in funding their deductible. If the $150 deductible will cause financial hardship, the deductible can be waived. Board members are directed to travel using low-cost excursion fares. Staff is directed to notify Board members five weeks in advance of a meeting to make travel arrangements and to schedule meetings to minimize travel expenses. A summary of travel expenses shall be distributed at each meeting.

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