Organizer's Handbook

The Organizers Handbook is available in PDF format. (download)


The Organizer's Handbook is a comprehensive guide to creating group-equity housing cooperatives. By explaining the cooperative movement, campus and community organizing, nonprofit incorporation, financing, and housing development, this important resource demystifies a challenging project. The first and second editions were released in 1991 and 1999, with a 3rd Edition released in 2008.  This most recent edition is more comprehensive, written with accessible language with advice that can be used in a wide range of different coop settings.

The Handbook is an essential resource for the student or community organizer focusing on housing issues. Furthermore, it is an informative and illuminating read for people concerned about affordable housing and college accessibility. While the 3rd Edition focuses on group equity cooperatives, many of the resources will prove useful to people organizing student, community, and non-housing co-ops. Active students, affordable housing advocates, college administrators, foundations, libraries, concerned citizens, and nonprofit organizations will all find the Handbook an excellent addition to their collection of resources.