Our Services

NASCO has over 25 years of experience supporting new and growing cooperatives. Our consulting strategy is rooted in empowering clients through education, rather than providing one-size-fits-all solutions. After completing a development project, a cooperative will a solid financial foundation, a strong understanding of cooperative goverance and principles, and robust operational skills. New cooperatives also benefit from membership in NASCO, with a peer network of over 50 cooperatives around the US and Canada.

NASCO can provide up to 5 hours of free consulting to cooperatives. More in-depth services can be billed on an hourly or success-fee basis.

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Types of Services Offered

Business Structure

  • Analysis of incorporation and tax-exemption options for your cooperative
  • Consulting on implementing principles and values in democratic and financial structures
  • Discussion of strategies for Bylaws, Membership Agreements, and Financing

Business Planning

  • Creating Business Plan
  • Analysis of market, real estate, and partnership opportunities

Financial Analysis

  • Feasibility Analysis and Pro-forma budgets
  • Fundraising Planning
  • Long-term Asset Planning
  • Layered financial strategies

Site Selection

Negotiating Financing Package

Renovation Planning

Design Operating Systems

Work with members to create policies for:
  • Financial practices
  • Membership selection and move-in
  • Member labor systems
  • Food & meal systems
  • Maintenance planning

Training for Board of Directors, Officers, and Staff

Compliance Management

  • Lender reporting
  • Insurance compliance
  • Munincipal zoning, building, and licensing requriments