Resourcing Cooperative Legacy

Co-ops leave a mark on our communities and hearts. The history of our movement goes far and wide. “We sit in the shade of trees we did not plant”- those who have come before have made a cooperative housing reality possible. Our cooperative histories have helped us become who we are today as a movement. Resourcing the cooperative movement means honoring that legacy. 

Contributing to NASCO this summer means direct services and trainings to support co-op’s needs, upholding the network infrastructure, and supporting access (through scholarships) to the annual Institute. It means housing co-ops continue to be able to access essential and relevant resources, and support the evolution of our ecosystem. Giving to NASCO makes it possible for others to sit in the shade for many years to come. 

With this campaign, we celebrate those co-opers who have forged the way for us. Those who lived in and benefitted from resource-sharing models know best as to why contributing to NASCO and our member co-ops is an act of cooperation itself. 

This summer, we’re reflecting on the last 5 ½ decades of NASCO. We can’t wait to resource cooperatives, reconnect with our supporters, and share in the rich history and growth of our movement.

Do you want to provide long-term support to the North American cooperative movement? Make a monthly contribution below or become an Individual Member of NASCO.



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