Voting is open for NASCO's Board of Directors

Voting is now open for the four open seats on NASCO's board. Each Active Member and Individual Member will receive a ballot by mail. We encourage you to read the candidate statements here. All of the seats are for three-year terms. 

A meet-the-candidates forum will be held at NASCO Institute on Saturday, November 12, from 2:30-4pm. 

Ballots are due on January 5, 2017. 

There are also several board seats that will be filled at Institute. 

The Active Member Representative is a one-year board position that is elected at NASCO Institute each year. To run for the Active Member Representative, the candidate must be a current member of a NASCO Active Member cooperative, and be at Institute to submit a candidate statement. This one-year role is critical for communication between our members and NASCO. Unlike the three-year seats, this position is elected at Institute, with each NASCO member cooperative holding one vote.

The People of Color Caucus (PoCC) is an identity-based caucus group held each year at NASCO Institute. The Chair of the PoCC is given a seat on the NASCO Board. Any person of color can attend the caucus at Institute, and run for the chair position.

The Diversity Congress is a gathering at Institute of the chairs and co-chairs of the various identity-based caucuses. The Diversity Congress will send two members to the NASCO Board to serve for two-year terms. To be involved with Diversity Congress, any Institute attendee can attend any caucuses that they identify with, and can run to be the chair or co-chair.